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Ecuadorian Banana Association Agreement

UK Food Technology Company It’s Fresh! Has Signed A Deal To Help Transform The Ecuadorian Banana Trade.

ACORBANEC, the Association of Marketing & Exportation of Bananas, can facilitate increase the employment of the innovative It’s Fresh! technology in South American country.

It’s Fresh! filters absorb olefine – the ripening internal secretion – from contemporary fruit and vegetables and have been well-tried to prolong the inexperienced lifetime of bananas throughout the provision chain.

Ecuador exports the world’s bananas and thru this agreement, It’s Fresh! are introduced to twenty-eight affiliate growers and exporters within the region.

ACORBANEC represents twenty-eight growers and exporters and has pledged its commitment to the uptake of It’s Fresh! technology amongst its affiliates.

It’s Fresh! representatives can travel with ACORBANEC round the key Ecuadorian regions or urban center and Machala to satisfy with associates, company house owners, and alternative exporters within the region to gift It’s Fresh! and its edges.

ACORBANEC is presently engaged in reducing prices and sees It’s Fresh! as a tool to save lots of cash by delivering higher arrivals and longer inexperienced life, that could be a key characteristic of Ecuadorian Bananas.

As a part of the partnership, It’s Fresh! can supply free coaching programs on the advantages of olefine management and banana post-harvest.

The preservation of the inexperienced lifetime of bananas is of big importance to Ecuadorian exporters, and analysis conducted by Dr. Manuel Madrid in 2018, incontestible that the employment of It’s Fresh! filters doubled banana inexperienced life to a mean of 70+ days once utilized in a changed atmosphere.

It’s Fresh! filter with success absorbs olefine – the ripening internal secretion – from the bananas’ setting and has been shown to be additional economical and environmentally friendly than various ways that square measure presently getting used.

ACORBANEC decision maker Richard Salazar said: “Extending the inexperienced lifetime of bananas is significant – not only for business however conjointly for addressing the worldwide garbage crisis. we predict It’s Fresh! technology can be a true game-changer for our affiliates and appearance forward to introducing them within the returning months.”

It’s Fresh! director of Latin America Nicolas Duran said: “This partnership marks a brand new chapter for It’s Fresh! and is an element of our current commitment to reducing garbage globally.

“We exerting to collaborate with key stakeholders within the contemporary fruit and vegetable industry worldwide, and by operating with ACORBANEC we are going to be able to introduce our technology to infinite additional exporters and growers in South American country that is such a key region for the banana trade.”

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