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P&G’s Fabric Care Brands To Cut Plastic Packaging By 30%

P&G’s Fabric Care Brands Have Committed To 30% Plastics Packaging Reduction Across Europe By 2025. Brands like Ariel and Lenor are a part of the property drive, and therefore the FMCG big aforesaid the number of reduced plastic by 2025 is going to be like ‘one line of detergent bottles around the earth’. As a […]

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Biodegradable Bags Struggle To Break Down, Claims Study

Research From The University Of Plymouth Has Found That Biodegradable Plastic Bags Are Still Strong Enough To Carry Shopping Despite Being Exposed To The Natural Environment For Three Years. The analyzers – from the university’s international marine litter research unit – took perishable and compostable luggage and exposed them to air, soil and ocean, all […]

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European Bio Plastics Hits Back At University Study

European Bioplastics Has Said That A Study This Week Into Compostable And Biodegradable Bags Was “Misleading” As They were Being Tested For Littering. Hasso von Pogrell, director of European Bioplastics, argued that analysis by the University of town didn’t take a look at the state of affairs of commercial composting which just one product used […]

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Profile | Q&A with Anantshree Chaturvedi, Flex Films/Uflex

The Vice Chairman And Chief Executive Of Flex Films, The Global Film Manufacturing Arm Of Uflex, Speaks To PN About The Packaging Industry, The Company’s Global Focus, And Sustainability. Constantia Flexibles cluster became the third largest versatile company in Asian country once with success finishing its acquisition of inventive Polypack. is that this any indication […]