January 19, 2022

Bitcoin, Binance Coin, Avalanche, Polygon MATIC Daily Price Analysis – Dec 26 Daily Summary

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The global cryptocurrency market is improving, adding 0.87% in the last 24 hours. Bitcoin has gained 0.90% in the last twenty-four hours, approaching $ 51K. Binance Coin also sees an estimated growth of 0.83%. Avalanche and Polygon MATIC add 0.33% and 6.44%, respectively.

The market is improving for almost all the minor and major currencies. Unsurprisingly, the market was stable over the Christmas weekend and could move on. The significant improvement seen over the past few days was in the case of bitcoin, which improved significantly after going through a prolonged period of fluctuations. The bitcoin price has improved and is approaching $ 51K, which it could hit soon.

The market has been stable and impacted investments, which have improved since the last recession. As is clear from the global market capitalization, which is estimated at $ 2.39 trillion, the market has restored investor confidence. The feat is anticipated to 2022, which needs agility and profitability of blockchain systems, which will define its symbolic success. So it will be a bit more difficult for different currencies due to market developments.

The recent increase in market value has contributed to an increase in earnings for investors, which means that more investments will take place. If the pace of new capital investment continues, the market could see significant growth.

BTC flexing for $51K

Bitcoin has been a leading winner since the drops it experienced last time. The fluctuations hit him badly and took him on a $ 60K trip to a coin in search of his survival. The change in the situation was not unique for this currency, since it was not the only one affected. Other currencies also struggled like bitcoin, but it affected the global market due to its volume.

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The past few days have proven exceptionally lucky for bitcoin, with the seven-day growth estimated to be 8.61%. If we look at the 24 hour performance, it has improved 0.90%. According to the latest updates, the current price of bitcoin is $ 50,794.14, while its market capitalization is estimated at $ 959,998,770,034.

The improvement in increased capital investment has helped the growth in bitcoin trading volume, which is estimated at $ 21,006,094,609. The same amount can be converted to 413,820 BTC. If the market remains favorable, bitcoin is expected to continue its momentum.

BNB ready to cross the $ 550 milestone

Binance Coin has also been among the winners during the latest investor rally. However, a recent update says that he has to pay the amount of the 8 million lira fines due to some infractions. The amount mentioned is the fine that the Turkish government imposed on Binance. Said coin passed without a hitch during the Christmas period when this sudden impact occurred. The Turkish government is also expected to introduce a crypto law that will make the situation more tense for cryptocurrencies.

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According to the latest updates, the Binance coin has gained 3.76% in the previous seven days, while the twenty-four hour gain amounts to 0.83%. The current price of the same coin is around $ 547.61 and it could top $ 550 if it continues its progress. The current market capitalization for the mentioned coin is approximately $ 91,167,872,747, while the trading volume during the last 24 hours is $ 1,585,089,413.

AVAX is working hard to improve its place

Avalanche has made significant gains during the recessionary period, and continues to do so. If we look at his performance of the last seven days, he has gained 6.70%, while the 24-hour profit amounts to 0.33%. Avalanche’s current price is estimated at $ 114.59. The rate at which its price is improving shows how valuable this coin could be shortly.

Source: TradingView

Avalanche is currently ranked 11th on the list and aims to give Polkadot the tough time he’s following right now. Avalanche’s current market capitalization is approximately $ 27,842,235,098. During the last 24 hours, the trading volume also shows an improvement, which is approximately $ 953,797,856. The trading volume amount can be converted to 8,332,651 AVAX.

MATIC moving faster

Polygon is currently ranked 14th on the list, and the graph shows that it has skyrocketed over the past few days. Polygon’s profit number in the previous seven days was approximately 32.00%, much more than other competing coins. The improvements in the last 24 hours amount to 6.44%, which shows its growth potential.

Bitcoin, Binance Coin, Avalanche, Polygon MATIC Daily Price Analysis - Daily Summary 4 for Dec 26Source: TradingView

Polygon has attracted investors primarily because of its resilience. The aforementioned currency went through tough times during the recent recession, but remained stable. For this reason, it has continued to attract investors. The current market capitalization for Polygon is estimated at $ 20,465,493,609. The trading volume of the same currency during the last 24 hours was $ 3,186,928,374.

Polygon’s performance has been exceptional compared to other currencies and has attracted more capital investment over the Christmas weekend.

Final thoughts

The growth of the global crypto market is proof that it has improved investor confidence. The Christmas period made the situation favorable due to the increase in investments. Although there have been problems from Binance, which faced fines from the Turkish government, the overall market situation is fine. As the market is about to enter 2022, it could prove more challenging due to its improvement needs. Next year could prove to be a nerve test for Bitcoin due to investor expectations and demand for growth.

The investor can hope for the best if the market continues bullish. If there is no significant change in the market, the investor will benefit from the current market situation.

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Bitcoin, Binance Coin, Avalanche, Polygon MATIC Daily Price Analysis – Dec 26 Daily Summary