November 26, 2021

From one trial to another, Bernard Tapie in “Le Monde”

Pcould it be otherwise? On June 23, 1978, it was during a trial that the name of Bernard Tapie appeared for the first time in The world. A “first time” which resonates strongly with the news of the businessman. Once again hospitalized, Bernard Tapie cannot attend his appeal trial in the arbitration case of his dispute with Crédit Lyonnais. In 1978, therefore, in the columns of the judicial chronicles of the World, his surname is then attached to a much more incongruous professional quality: engineer. Surely because the person concerned holds a bachelor’s degree in electronics technician.

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In this first article entitled “Five leaders of Cœur-assistance are indicted”, he is accused of having sold assistance contracts to heart patients without ensuring the viability of the service: “Mr. Bernard Peyrat, investigating judge in Paris, was able to gather after a year enough presumptions of responsibility to indict five of the leaders of this organization, which he left free. He retained the offenses of false advertising and infringements of the legislation on public limited companies. “ He will be sentenced to a one-year suspended prison sentence and a fine of 20,000 francs (approximately 3,000 euros).

Founding episode of his legend

Second appearance, February 29, 1980, in the same context. Judicial. On the occasion of a lawsuit between him and the former Central African emperor Jean-Bedel Bokassa from whom Bernard Tapie bought his seven properties in France for a pittance. The founding episode of his legend. Tapie had made the fallen monarch believe that his castles were going to be seized by French justice. At the end of“A complicated battle of procedure”, writes journalist Michel Bole-Richard – this comment, made years before the eminently complex dispute concerning Crédit Lyonnais which still occupies Bernard Tapie, can make people smile today – the sales will be canceled.

It was not until July 24, 1980 to read the first long and consistent portrait of the former singer Bernard Tapie, 36, signed Laurent Greilsamer. “Resolutely and outrageously in the game”, all Bernard Tapie is already there: “Young business brewer, who is doped with vitamin C, the eye in perpetual motion”, “He’s an intelligent charmer, a psychology graduate and, for sure, an advertising genius: ‘We hid too many things from you,’ he says to the press, ‘I’ll tell you everything.’ All what ? “.

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