September 19, 2021

Julien Bayou, a struggling environmentalist in Ile-de-France

Arriving at the café, Julien Bayou questions his team: “Shall I put on the tie?” ” From his bag, he extracts an elegant black De Fursac tie still wrapped in its box… then puts it away again. For this regional campaign that he is leading in Ile-de-France, the national secretary of Europe Ecology-Les Verts (EELV) has already swapped the T-shirts for sober white shirts, classic jackets, and cut his hair . Friday May 21 in the morning, at the Gare de Lyon, where he must “Discussing with users on transport within the Ile-de-France and interregions”, no need to add more.

Especially since to establish his credibility, the former activist of Precarious Generation and Black Thursday brought in Bruno Bernard, the ecologist who conquered, in 2020, the presidency of Greater Lyon. Living proof that “Not only environmentalists can be elected, but also be effective”, says the Lyonnais, detailing the measures he has taken: “We have increased investments for public transport from 1.3 billion to 2.5 billion euros, particularly in priority areas of the city. ”

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Facing him, Julien Bayou ensures between two sips of coffee that environmentalists can be more serious than his main opponent, outgoing president Valérie Pécresse (ex-Republicans). “Contrary to the image she gives, she is a poor manager, he asserts. It promises crazy sums, unrelated to reality. Val-d’Oise, for example, is still waiting for the billion it had announced. The regional chamber of the Court of Auditors has shown that with it, the investment budget execution rate fell in four years from 72% to 58%. For each euro voted, only 58 cents arrive on the ground… ”

A laborious distribution of leaflets

By the way, the candidate gives a scratch to his competitor Audrey Pulvar, supported by the Socialist Party, who proposes to make public transport free for all. Not reasonable, Judge Julien Bayou, “Given the investment requirements and the operating cost of the future Grand Paris metro”. Besides, “User associations are asking to improve transport and develop social pricing, not free”, Bruno Bernard slips.

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At 10:30 a.m., the time has come to“Discussing with users on transport”, as the program wants. The fifteen activists and elected officials left the terrace and took up positions on the forecourt of the station. “Do we have to take pictures or distribute leaflets?” “, asks a novice. ” Both ! “, prescribed Julien Bayou. The photos, first. Everyone in front of the Gare de Lyon tower, with pretty green masks bearing the slogan “Ecology of course!” “. Perfect for Twitter.

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