September 26, 2021

Manhunt on social networks after a racist attack in Cergy

It is a little after 10 p.m. in Cergy (Val-d’Oise), Sunday May 30. Joseph, Uber Eats delivery man, waits for an order in front of Le Brasco restaurant. But quickly, an altercation broke out between him and a young man present on the spot. The latter ends up beating him up.

The reason for the altercation is unclear. According to the victim’s lawyer, Mr.e Mehana Mouhou, it’s a trivial matter of music played too loudly that leads to this “Incredible violence” who left the delivery man “In shock, traumatized”. Vitalina S., who lives above the restaurant, then goes to look out the window. According to his account in World, she sees a man in blood, lying on the ground, surrounded by four people.

By reflex, Vitalina grabs her phone to “Intimidate”. Two flee but the main protagonist remains and insults him in turn: “You negress (…), dirty black, nobody touches you even with a stick (…), for 800 years you were sold like cattle ”, launches him the man, who claims to be Algerian and here alludes to the Arab-Muslim slave trade.

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Resident in Cergy for twenty-seven years, the mother of the family says that she has never been subjected to racist insults, nor even having witnessed this kind of behavior. “I have never seen anyone fight because of their skin color, she testifies. Here, there are all nationalities and everyone lives in mutual respect. “

Video of assault goes viral

The mayor (Socialist Party) of the city, Jean-Paul Jeandon, confirms: “It is an isolated act, condemned by all Cergyssois. We are far from an ethnic war, we are not in this situation at all. “ He recalls that the city, inhabited by more than 60,000 inhabitants, is made up of “More than a hundred different nationalities”, and that the ” live together “ there is a leitmotif.

Posted on Instagram, the video of the attack, which follows other examples of discrimination against black people – such as the racist insults suffered by Benjamin Kingombe from a landlord when he wanted to rent a chic apartment in the 16e arrondissement of Paris – immediately went viral. Tuesday noon 1is June, there were up to 2.7 million views for the sequence where the man utters racist insults.

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The controversy quickly goes beyond the virtual framework: a crowd of a hundred people meets on Monday in front of the restaurant Le Brasco, whose manager denies staunchly employing the aggressor, as persistent rumors claim. The police must intervene. At the request of the city of Cergy, “For a matter of public order”, the prefecture orders the administrative closure of the establishment for a week, the time for calm to return.

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