September 19, 2021

May in France was colder and rainier than usual

By Pierre Breteau

Posted today at 6:36 p.m., updated at 19:24

Does the weather mock the confined French? The first confinement linked to the Covid-19 epidemic, from March to May 2020, had been particularly sunny and hot. The same was true for the last confinement, in April, followed by a cool and rather gloomy period, in May, when health constraints were relaxed.

With an average of 13.8 ° C, May is the coolest month recorded since 2013 on the mainland of France (we had then recorded an average of 12.8 ° C). This month was also very rainy, with a cumulative 107.7 mm of precipitation instead of 83.4 mm for the normal ones (1981-2010). This impression of seeing the rain falling constantly in May, especially in the north of France, was amplified by the contrast with the months of March and April with a deficit in precipitation, as measured by Météo-France.

Sun … and freshness

Over the whole of the meteorological spring (March, April and May), “The number of rainy days was lower than normal in most regions”, met Météo-France. The deficit “Exceeded 20% near the Channel coast” and in the regions bordering the Atlantic, “And often 50% along the Pyrenees”. On average, in France, rainfall is in deficit by more than 10%.

Generally speaking, this meteorological spring “Was marked by great freshness despite a remarkable peak of heat for the season” which occurred at the very end of March and at the beginning of April, says Météo-France.

Over the three months, from March to May, the sunshine reached 20% to 40% more than normal, particularly in the Northwest. On the other hand, this surplus was recorded above all in March and April, while the month of May – which coincided with the first deconfinement measures – was much less bright.

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