June 12, 2021

suspicion of wild police sound systems in an investigation into the Petit Bar band

The fierce desire of justice and the police to put out of harm’s way the gratin of the Corsican mafia led the services of the State to go out of legality? Monday, June 7, fifteen lawyers present in one of the most important organized crime cases opened for ten years against the island environment were to appear before the investigating chamber of the Aix-en Court of Appeal. -Provence (Bouches-du-Rhône) to denounce what they think is a “Abuse of process”. Among the grievances formulated in the briefs for annulment of pleadings, there is an accusation aimed at the use of extraordinary technical means deployed against the Ajaccian band of Petit Bar, in a vast financial investigation.

Born in April 2019 from criminal acts, these investigations relate to suspicions of money laundering estimated at 48 million euros. For more than two years, the investigators were nourished, in large part, from the fruit of the sound systems of the places frequented by the members of this dreaded group in Corsica as in Paris. Listening devices have been placed in homes, hotel rooms and vehicles. The police summary accompanying the opening of judicial information, April 12, 2019, recognizes that “The file has its origins in the use of sound systems in Parisian apartments”.

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But the lawyers believe they have found loopholes that could deal a severe blow to this financial investigation if the investigating chamber grants their requests for nullity. Thus, according to Me Pascal Garbarini, the Parisian apartment of his client, Jacques Santoni, suspected of being the chef of the Petit Bar, would have been the subject of wild sound, outside any legal framework. And the investigating judges would also have twisted the law to listen to this place for more than four years while the law limits this type of coercive measures to a maximum of two years.

Sound system never removed

This apartment, located rue de Vaugirard, in the beautiful Parisian districts, has never ceased to focus the attention of the police officers responsible for tracking down Corsican organized crime. The state of health of Mr. Santoni, quadriplegic since a motorcycle accident at the end of 2003, is judged by doctors to be incompatible with detention. Free of his movements until his arrest in this case on January 10, he stayed at this address during his visits to Paris. There he received members of the Petit Bar, his friends and acquaintances, a mine of potential information for the police.

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