September 19, 2021

Summer Game Fest announcements

Summer may not arrive for another eleven days, the Canadian Geoff Keighley, a former journalist who became a loyal gentleman of the video game industry, wanted to “kick off” on Thursday, June 10 with his “Summer Game Fest” – its summer video game festival.

In 2020, a boulevard was offered to the first edition of this series of promotional events, while E3, the hitherto inescapable annual video game exhibition, forfeited for the first time in twenty-five years to cause of the Covid-19 pandemic.

In this quasi-summer 2021, and while E3 is preparing on June 12 to make its big comeback – certainly online, and no longer in the Convention Center in Los Angeles – the competition is inevitably tougher, everyone of the two events battle to attract publishers and reserve the most prestigious announcements.

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Willy-nilly, Geoff Keighley, however, managed to host a one-and-a-half hour conference, and to achieve this nice move: get the Japanese publisher Bandai Namco to unveil, at home, the first images ofElden Ring, one of the most anticipated games of the moment.

In addition to this surprise, the evening saw a series of announcements of new products (Tiny Tina’s Wonderland) and promotional videos for previously released games. It was also the opportunity to give the floor to guests such as actor Giancarlo Esposito who evokes Far Cry 6 (in which he plays a dictator inspired by Fidel Castro) or Aaron Keller, director ofOverwatch 2, which unveiled the new looks of some characters.

Here is a quick overview of the new features spotted by Pixels.

  • The most anticipated game: “Elden Ring”

This is the game that everyone was waiting for, and that everyone hoped to see tonight, without really believing it: Elden Ring, the new title of Hidetaka Miyazaki, already director of Dark Souls, Bloodborne or Ax. Announced two years ago, the publisher ofElden Ring had so far only given a tiny bone to chew on Miyazaki fans: the promise of a collaboration with none other than GRR Martin, the author of the saga Game of Thrones.

This time, that’s it: we saw Elden Ring. And if we will not be very surprised by the visuals (quite close to those of Dark Souls, but in a world a priori less claustro – we even ride horses there), we will however be delighted to learn that it will be released on January 21, on PC, PlayStation 4 and 5 and Xbox One and Series X | S . So far and so close …

  • The most quirky game: “Tiny Tina’s Wonderland”

If it closed with Elden Ring, the Summer Game Fest conference opened with the announcement of a novelty: Tiny Tina’s Wonderland. This one takes up a character that appeared in Bordelands 2 and propels it into a game with a fantastic universe totally disconnected from the rest of the futuristic saga of Gearbox Software and 2K.

Wonderland seems to be inspired by the codes of role-playing games: Tina, a supercharged and unstable young girl who is reminiscent of a Harley Quinn from the video game, is thus compared to a “game master” who will guide the player in this adventure where it is possible to fight against dragons with guns.

Release scheduled for PC and consoles in early 2022.

  • The most French game: “Metal Slug Tactics”

Metal Slug is back. The pixelated design is still there, some weapons and characters too. But the mechanics of the game are transformed. Instead of the frantic shooting in which the player progresses from left to right, the combat zone is traversed turn by turn, and it will therefore be necessary to bet on his sense of strategy rather than his skill at the controller. The challenge for this adaptation: to remain faithful to the spirit of the franchise launched in 1996 while keeping its very fast playing dynamics. For that, it will be necessary to count not on the Japanese of SNK but on a French duo which is in the controls: Leikir Studio and DotEmu.

Release date not known.

  • The quieter game: “Planet of Lana”

We want to attribute to Eric Chahi and his Another World (thirty years this year) the authorship of games which consist in just going to the right, stubbornly, letting yourself be told, along the way, a story. We have since seen Abe’s Odyssey, or, more recently, the almost contemplatives Inside, Little Nightmares or Grey. Planet of Lana seems to claim this heritage, and underlines its poetry with a brushstroke: the one with which all its decorations were drawn by hand. Intriguing.

In 2022 on PC and Xbox One and Series X | S.

  • The most hilarious game: “Two Point Campus”

The developers of Two Point Studios will once again inject a big dose of British humor into management games. After the wacky Two Point Hospital, we discover the first images of Two Point Campus, its sequel taking place in academia.

The campus in question looks like it came straight out of a Monty Python movie. We meet knights sitting on the benches of an amphitheater like the making of a giant flan. The title and the first visuals of the game may have leaked a few days ago on the Microsoft online store, this first video really makes you want to sit on the benches of this college where you look like everything do except study.

Release scheduled for 2022.

The already too long Death Stranding will have a “director’s cut”; Following Salt & Sanctuary named Salt & Sacrifice ; Following Jurassic World Evolution named Jurassic World Evolution 2, which is still more logical; the platform and action game Solar Ash is still so colorful and still signed by the creators ofHyper Light Drifter ; we still haven’t heard from the role-playing game Vampire : The Masquerade Bloodlines 2 but on the other hand we discovered the multiplayer shooter Vampire : The Masquerade – Blood Hunt.

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