August 1, 2021

a source of contamination of the Delta variant detected in Strasbourg

Four positive cases are “Already identified”, and 43 contact cases are ” under investigation “, specifies the regional health agency (ARS) in a press release. A total of 143 people were tested on Friday. The tests will be the subject of a “Systematic screening” in order to determine the possible presence of variant, adds the ARS.

The Bas-Rhin prefecture has declared the school closed. The agency adds that it has drawn up a plan with the prefecture to “Contain any outbreak of an epidemic”.

Targeted vaccination efforts to counter any recovery

Targeted vaccination operations are planned over the weekend: 200 doses and as many “Dedicated slots” are reserved on Sunday in Strasbourg for students and staff of bars and restaurants in the targeted neighborhoods. These people will have priority access “Skip the line” to register, again indicates the ARS. The weekend of June 19 and 20, 2,600 doses and slots will still be reserved to amplify this targeted vaccination campaign.

The ARS also provides for a “Strong mobilization of anti-Covid mediators” Saturday, mainly in the student district of Krutenau, where the school is located. During their wanderings, these agents will target “Students and young people under 30”, says the ARS.

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The Delta variant is believed to be particularly contagious. At the end of May, the British government, faced with an acceleration of the epidemic, estimated that it represented between half and three quarters of the new cases detected across the Channel. The Covid-19 epidemic in the Bas-Rhin remains at a “Moderate level”, according to the ARS, with an incidence rate of 65 new cases per 100,000 inhabitants as of June 11, 2021.

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