September 21, 2021

announcements for the first day of E3, the video game show

Top start for E3 with a very busy Saturday, June 12: the highlight of the day was the Ubisoft conference called “Ubisoft Forward”, which gave a great overview of the next blockbusters of the French company (Far Cry 6, Rainbow Six Extraction, Riders Republic).

On the sidelines of this heavyweight conference, lovers of more “human” video games were spoiled. They were able to take advantage of the double program of the Guerrilla Collective and the Wholesome Direct which unveiled more than fifty new titles. While the publisher Devolver, known for his punk spirit, tried to amuse the gallery with his direct which alternated sketches and announcements of new products as enticing as they were offbeat.

  • The most mustached game: “Mario + The Raving Rabbids: Sparks of Hope”

New tour of the track for this title which is based on the alliance between iconic Nintendo characters and the Rabbids from Ubisoft. After a first episode released in 2017 on the Switch, Ubisoft explained that the strategic dimension would be further reinforced in this sequel.

Mario, Luigi, Peach and the Leporidae would no longer have the sole mission of saving a kingdom but of coming to the aid of the whole galaxy. We hope that the game will be at the level of both Mario Galaxy from which he is inspired, and which are among the best adventures of the mustached plumber. Available in 2022 on Switch.

  • The most rock’n’roll game: “Rocksmith +”

Ten years ago, Rocksmith proposed to play a rhythm game with a real guitar. Like him, its sequel assumes to be almost less a game than a fun software to learn to play or improve with this instrument (it is also possible to play bass), except that this time, a simple smartphone will suffice to capture the notes played by the guitarist.

Rocksmith + intends to “gamify” learning via an online portal which, in addition to a catalog of known songs, offers videos, tablature software to create and share own songs, as well as forums. Available this summer on PC and this fall on consoles.

  • The most adorable game: “Hoa”

flower is a platform game set in a wonderful and bewitching universe drawn in watercolor. The refined design confirms the feeling its announcement gave last year: the impression of being immersed in a work by Japanese director Hayao Miyazaki. Release scheduled for August 21 on consoles and PC.

  • The bloodiest game: “Serial Cleaners”

Can you clean up the bloodstains from a crime scene and get rid of a body without being spotted? This concept full of dark humor is that of Serial Cleaner, a game launched in 2017. Its sequel promises its share of action and suspense thanks to a superb work on the graphics that give the impression of being immersed in a detective film. Expected release this year on PC and consoles.

  • The most enigmatic game: “Inscryption”

Inscryption initially seems to be moving towards a tactical card game benefiting from a very esoteric design and animations. But it promises to go beyond the simple stage of the strategy game, its trailer suggests several narrative layers: the player can get up from his seat to try to solve puzzles and thus escape from the room where he is held. prisoner. This independent title which dares to mix card games and “escape game” was developed by the Canadian Daniel Mullins, at the origin of the disturbing puzzle game. Pony Island. Expected release this year on PC.

A ultimate trailer of Sable again made us wriggle with envy; we can relax in Dordogne in the game of the same name which will be released this year; the inhabitants of Paris are worried about in the new DLC ofAssassin’s Creed : Valhalla which will stage the siege of the capital by Vikings; Trek to Yomi will offer a trip to a feudal Japan of fire and blood modeled in black and white; Yves Guillemots, CEO of Ubisoft, showed the first images of the video game adaptation of the film Avatar.