August 1, 2021

court overturns verdict claiming Nora Quoirin died of accidental causes

A Malaysian court on Wednesday (June 16) overturned the verdict claiming that Nora Anne Quoirin died of accidental causes, ruling that the judicial investigation had not been conclusive. The lifeless body of the 15-year-old Franco-Irish teenager was found in August 2019 in a jungle near the hotel where she was staying with her family on vacation.

This verdict “Must be set aside, in the interests of justice and replaced with an open verdict, as there is no credible evidence to justify another verdict”, said Judge Azizul Azmi Adnan of the High Court of Seremban, the city where the Quoirin family was staying.

In January, after a judicial inquiry, a judge concluded that his death was probably due to “A mishap” in the jungle and not in murder or sexual assault, and considered that no one else was involved in this disappearance. But her parents, a French-Irish couple who reside in London, do not believe their daughter may have ventured into the jungle alone during the night and believe she has been kidnapped. They had filed an appeal. It is to this appeal that the Malaysian judge responded on Wednesday.

Died of stress and hunger

Nora Quoirin had disappeared the day after her arrival, with her family, at the Dusun Resort, a tourist complex located about 70 kilometers south of Kuala Lumpur, the capital, on the edge of the jungle. The teenager’s body was found after ten days of searching. The autopsy had concluded that the girl was probably dead from internal bleeding induced by stress and hunger, after spending more than a week in the rainforest.

The police have maintained that they have no clue that could suggest a criminal trail in the death of the teenager and believe that she herself came out of her chalet through the window. But her mother said she heard suspicious noises in the cabin the night she disappeared.

Nora Quoirin was born with a congenital malformation, holoprosencephaly, “Which caused an incomplete development of the brain in her”, specified a statement released by the family in 2019. If she could express herself in French and English, her oral expression was limited; she could read like a beginner child, but could not write. According to the family, his disability made it unlikely that he would run away in such a hostile environment.

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