September 21, 2021

the executive wants to intensify the expulsions of foreign delinquents

On migration issues, the government – and first and foremost the Minister of the Interior, Gérald Darmanin – is staging a rhetoric that is intended to be firm. “We judge foreigners for what they do and not for what they are”, insisted the tenant of Place Beauvau on several occasions in recent weeks. Within the presidential majority, several deputies repeat the same formula: “You must not have your hand that trembles. “ In the line of sight: foreigners who represent a “Serious threat to public order”, in particular those followed for acts of radicalization, sometimes imprisoned, and those having been convicted of certain crimes or offenses. The government is trying to speed up their expulsion from the national territory.

June 13, in The Sunday newspaper, Gérald Darmanin announced that he had brought together the prefects two days earlier. On this occasion, the Minister of the Interior reiterated the objectives that he has been formulating for several months already. In particular, that the names of foreigners who have been convicted of serious offenses (homicide, rape, drug trafficking, domestic violence, etc.) be returned to him, that administrative sanctions – such as the degradation of residence permits – be taken, and that the the expulsion of the people concerned be prioritized.

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This will of the executive is not new: in an instruction dated September 29, 2020, four days after a 25-year-old Pakistani seriously injured two individuals near the former premises of Charlie Hebdo, Mr. Darmanin was already asking the prefects “To systematically implement procedures capable of interrupting, as soon as possible, the presence of these people in our territory”. For several months, the Minister of the Interior has been meeting every fortnight all the competent services for “Make very precise points, indicates his entourage. Tables go back to him with individual cases, it is a question that he follows very closely ”.

Difficult negotiations with countries of origin

These repeated requests from the Minister of the Interior to the prefects came two days after a meeting at the Elysee Palace on June 9, during which Emmanuel Macron brought together the Prime Minister as well as the interior ministers, Foreign Affairs and Justice, to demand an acceleration of the expulsions of illegal aliens deemed to be dangerous. At the end of this interview, the Elysee Palace indicated that 601 of the 1,115 foreigners in an irregular situation registered in the file of alerts for the prevention of terrorist radicalization (FSPRT) have been expelled from the territory since 2018. “Of the 514 remaining, a good number are incarcerated and will be deported upon their release from prison”, insisted the Elysee.

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