September 21, 2021

some summer sales and a record

Lhe stamps will have definitely recorded tremendous results during this month of June. After the millionaire auction of the Weitzman sale, at Sotheby’s, on June 8, for the block of four American airmail stamps of 1918, the “Jenny inverted” (“Jenny reversed”), representing a Curtiss Jenny JN-4 biplane, and the British Guiana stamp of 1856 (“British Guiana One-Cent Magenta”), it is Mauritius’ turn to stand out.

A letter franked with an orange red “Post Office” from 1847, priced at 4 million euros, went for 8.1 million euros at Christoph Gärtner in Germany. The letter with a black stamp “MAURITIUS POST OFFICE / SE 27 1847” on the back.

8.1 million euros for this letter from Mauritius (1847).
Back of the letter from Mauritius (1847) sold for 8.1 million euros ... All details matter! ...

This letter was negotiated for $ 3 million in 2006 at David Feldman (Switzerland).

Le Timbre Classique, in Paris, is organizing a sale on offers, which will close on Tuesday, July 6. The catalog disperses more than 3,000 lots, from France and its former colonies, detached stamps and stamps on letters.

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Let’s start with the stamps.

A very beautiful n ° 18, 1 franc carmine “Empire Franc” new with original rubber, starts at 2,200 euros.

N ° 84, 1 Prussian blue centime, new without gum: 2,000 euros.

Newspaper stamp, n ° 4, 5 centimes lilac, new without gum: 10,000 euros.

Type Pasteur, 1.50 blue francs overcharged 10 francs (airmail No. 4), light hinge: 3,500 euros.

Monaco, n ° 522B (stamp “Helsinki 1952” overprinted), Coupe de France de football, overprint in red “Colombes / 15-5-60”: 1,700 euros.

French Polynesia, “Medical Days”, stamp issued but withdrawn from sale (75 copies sold), n ° 93A (Maury catalog): 2,400 euros.

French Southern and Antarctic Lands, airmail, plane Concorde not issued (87 francs), a great classic of the TAAF: 3,000 euros.

We move on to letters.

Beautiful 20 centimes black Ceres, provisional cancellation of January 1849, “bars of Troyes” (Aube), letter of January 7, 1849 for Vendeuvre, arrival stamp of the same day on the back: starting price 5,000 euros (on the cover of the catalog).

1 vermilion franc canceled by two grids, with cursive “11 St Amans des Cots” and Entraigues s / Truyères stamp of May 20, 1849: 15,000 euros.

A fine selection of mounted balloons from the Franco-Prussian War of 1870-1871, including a Absentee Gazette n ° 2 for Egypt, with 40 orange centimes, star 1 + date stamp “Paris PL de la Bourse” (26 Oct 70) with the traveling verso “Lyon à Marseille special” (6 Nov) and arrival stamp “Alexandria »(Nov 12): 7,500 euros.

Balloon mounted for Egypt.

An extraordinary set of six correspondences from Sisters Marie Bézier and Mathilde Marot, wife and sister-in-law of the balloonist Léon Bézier, including letters entrusted to the City of Orleans, recounting the journey of the balloon from besieged Paris to Norway: 35,000 euros.

Various letters from smugglers, boules de Moulins, pigeongrammes and the head office of Belfort are offered at prices between 100 and 7,500 euros (including, at 4,000 euros, cover of October 30, 1870 transported by the “domestic messenger” of Adolphe Thiers in October 1870, the sender announcing the surrender of Bazaine).

Among the precursor postcards, a test of a 15 centime card with an incorrect date “law of December 20, 1870” (instead of 1872) starts at 100 euros.

Aérophilatélie, a letter with the stamp “First commercial crossing of the South Atlantic by an Aéropostale seaplane” addressed on departure from Paris (May 10, 1930) to Raymond Vanier, in Buenos Aires, with autograph signatures from Mermoz, Dabry, Gimié : 1,500 euros minimum.

Letter with the handwritten autograph signatures of Mermoz, Dabry and Gimié.

Paris for Reunion, two beautiful letters from 1853 and 1854, stamp “Packet letter Mauritius” for one, insufficiently stamped for the English route for the other: 5,000 euros each.

TAAF, “Résidence de France” des Kerguelen, with 25 blue centimes Sower, on a letter for Le Havre, with partial arrival stamp, “probably 23 May 1909”, indicates the seller: 1,500 euros.

TAAF, “Résidence de France” from 1912, for Le Havre, with Point Natal transit stamp of 1is March 1912, arrival stamp on the back, March 25: 3,000 euros.

TAAF, “Résidence de France” des Kerguelen, on a letter addressed to Madame Tierce Bossière, wife of Emile Bossière, with arrival stamp in Le Havre on the back of March 23, 1913: 2,500 euros.

“Résidence de France” by Kerguelen from 1913, addressed to the wife of Emile Bossière.

Sale at net prices with a beautiful section devoted to the 20 centimes black type Ceres, at Timbres du monde (39, rue de la Fallée, 54270 Essey-les-Nancy. Tel .: 03-83-29-65-28). Lots still available, including:

20 black centimes on letter, red grid cancellation, two fine mintings, bound for Villefranche. On the front, stamp dated from Valenciennes, January 19, 1849: 8,900 euros net.

20 centimes black yellow on letter, canceled by the superb grid with correspondence to Switzerland. In the absence of an agreement between the French and Swiss posts, the letter was franked at the domestic rate and then taxed for the Swiss part. On the front, in red the Swiss tax at 35 cts and the French date stamp type 15 des Ormes, December 31, 1849: 13,890 euros.

The Parisian house Cérès is offering a sale on offers closed on July 6. Few prices with four or more digits. However, among the detached French classics, we will note:

Ceres, n ° 4a, 25 dark blue centimes, “postal freshness”: 5,000 euros.

Ceres, 1 light carmine franc, leaf edge, new: 10,000 euros.

1 bright vermilion franc, grid cancellation: 6,750 euros departure.

Letter, general colonies, Saint-Denis for Bordeaux, 40 orange centimes, 4 “retouched” in a block of eight and pair of n ° 22 15 bistre centimes, stamp dated December 12, 1874 from Saint-Denis: 3,500 euros.

Germany, former states (Schleswig-Holstein), bloc of 12 from the 2C. rose, leaf corner, 3 folded copies: minimum 4,000 euros.

Other sale on offers closed soon:

Purchase collections, July 8.

Finally, note that it is always possible to buy “unsold” sales on recently closed offers, such as at Behr or at Roumet … With, sometimes, discounts.