September 19, 2021

Anne Roumanoff is not renewed at Europe 1

Now is the time for savings in Europe 1. After Pascale Clark, who formalized her departure from Lagardère station, Wednesday, June 2, Anne Roumanoff’s turn to be sacrificed on the altar of cost reduction, Thursday June 4. The comedian, who presented a daily program of an hour and a half surrounded by columnists, from Monday to Friday, will no longer be scheduled at the start of the school year, according to our information. Reason given: audiences too low in relation to the cost of the program.

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Like Anne Roumanoff, Pascale Clark, who arrived fourteen months ago, first to replace Philippe Vandel, then recruited for a cultural walk broadcast on Sundays with an artist, is not renewed either. “No surprise, but with sadness: I have just learned that I will not be returned to Europe 1 next season (no reason given)”, the reporter tweeted on Wednesday.

Weak audiences

The decision has nothing to do with his anti-Bolloré statements, which became the largest shareholder of the Lagardère group, through Vivendi, but also because of the weakness of its audiences, which “Have continued to tumble”, says an inside source. “It would not be good news for Bolloré to buy Europe 1”, had declared the host, at the beginning of May, in the program of Laurent Ruquier “We are live”, on France 2, calling for “Support” the station. “Maybe she made these statements because she knew her audiences weren’t good”, opposes the same internal source.

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The management of Europe 1, which has initiated a workforce reduction plan covering 38 of the 204 permanent contracts, is also seeking to reduce the remuneration of its leaders. According to our information, she will initiate discussions in this direction, in particular with Frédéric Taddeï, who hosts two one-hour shows on Saturday and Sunday, but whom she wishes to keep. “The radio model is very roughed up on weekends, and we suffer particularly”, it is pointed out. With several tens of millions of euros of losses per year, the audience of Europe 1 fell to 5% of audience share on weekdays, and only 3.2% on weekends.

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