August 4, 2021

Out of conviction or opportunism, companies invest in the environment

To close the year 2020, that of Covid-19, the Bioseptyl company has offered itself a nice gift: a machine almost unique in the world, capable of manufacturing toothbrushes whose handle is made of decommissioned wood. Like any gift worthy of the name, the price of the machine, coming from Belgium, will not be revealed. But it does not weigh less than 12% of the turnover of this Oise company specializing in dental hygiene. A heavy investment, but necessary to fight against the ecological impact of the 300 million toothbrushes used each year in France, which can be forgotten more quickly in a bathroom than on a global scale. The plastic contained in the product can in fact survive its user for five centuries!

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“This machine will allow us to increase our industrial capacity, by producing a million additional toothbrushes per year and improve our productivity to remain competitive”, explains Olivier Remoissonnet, the boss of the company who believes “Deeply” the role of companies in the ecological transition. And, in addition to the machine, the company is investing in skills, since three people joined the 26 employees of the Beauvais plant. “It is probably in a period of crisis that we must invest in order to bounce back better tomorrow”, says Mr. Remoissonet.

This former employee of Bioseptyl, who took over the company – then in distress – in 2012, at the bar of the commercial court, is not the only one to have made this reasoning. During this atypical year 2020, business investment fell sharply, in the same proportions as activity (- 8.9% over the year as a whole). But a strong recovery began in the third quarter, and has been confirmed since the start of the year. And, above all, companies show a firm intention to invest: according to the projections of the Bank of France, published Monday, June 14, the investment of non-financial companies should increase by 9.7% this year.

“We have invested to save energy”

A study carried out by Bpifrance-Le Lab among a thousand companies, small and medium-sized, indicates that the objective “Environmental” of investment is making a real breakthrough. It is cited by 35% of bosses, a proportion nine points higher than the average observed by this recurrent study since 2018. “There is a very strong awareness of business leaders on climate issues: 86% say they are concerned, underlines Philippe Mutricy, director of studies at Bpifrance, 67% are convinced that the stakes are real, 23% say they are opportunistic and 10% act under duress. “

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