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Profile | Q&A with Anantshree Chaturvedi, Flex Films/Uflex

The Vice Chairman And Chief Executive Of Flex Films, The Global Film Manufacturing Arm Of Uflex, Speaks To PN About The Packaging Industry, The Company’s Global Focus, And Sustainability.

Constantia Flexibles cluster became the third largest versatile company in Asian country once with success finishing its acquisition of inventive Polypack. is that this any indication of however vivacious the versatile packaging business is in India?

“It’s been a vivacious business for a protracted time in Asian country however the merger signifies one thing abundant deeper, the maturity of the versatile packaging business there, wherever a mid-level player with a record of but one hundred million euros will taste a due diligence method, therewith reasonably scrutiny, to be sold-out to 1 of the most important converters within the world that clearly sees the potential of the business in Asian country.”

With that in mind what’s next for Uflex?

“Wear primarily targeted on developing a new, distinctive product that we are able to mix with our distinctive service, giving North American country a true competitive advantage within the market place. once the science is sold-out on Maine and I’m convinced it’s a decent product, we are able to provide it the inexperienced light-weight.”

The topic of plastic and therefore the setting is presently outstanding within the media. What’s your withstand however the business is managing it?

“Consideration of property are a few things that I feel is long due, particularly within the versatile packaging business. the advantages of exercise and exploitation additional green-based content have long been proverbial. the mixture of the shortage of shopper demand at the side of the shortage of presidency regulation has semiconductor diode to the current not catching on in a massive some way because it very ought to have. the main focus is there nowadays because of the press and environmental agency pressure that has placed the main focus on exercise plastic and therefore the increasing downside of lowland.

“I believe ensuing fifteen years all plastic are going to be property to an exact degree. that may happen as a mix of client demand and regulation. several products, like perishable and responsibly sourced films, was simply a pitch a couple of years agone however have currently become a reality. Demand isn’t essentially returning from the massive boys however niche corporations and complete managers wherever the purchasers’ are tightened that product be packaging during an additional property manner.”

We hear abundant concerning goals and potential solutions within Britain, Europe and therefore the North American country, but, through your travels, have you ever detected abundant speak braving the problem globally?

“The message is currently ringing from all elements of the globe. the most trends of Chinaplas, Pack Expo, interpack, etc. are environmental and property may be a massive a part of the oral communication. However, I’ll add that there’s still a giant disconnect between what’s being talked concerning and what’s being purchased. somebody merchandising, say, baby product for $10 a pack is additionally possible to use environmentally-friendly packaging than, say, somebody merchandising low-cost biscuits in K-Mart. however, oral communication has started and that I believe the push has started.”

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