September 19, 2021

Devo goes back to his old ways with the song “I’m Gonna Pay U Back”!

The truth is that 2021 does not stop surprising us when it comes to musical releases. Many bands took flight and are letting themselves come with new songs, albums and we have seen several artists taking advantage of the moment for their big comeback. One of them are Gerald Casale y Devo.

That’s right, you are not imagining it and it is not a joke … The band has returned to collaborate on a track called “I’m Gonna Pay U Back” that they just launched this Thursday and with which they will be deluding more than one with some material. In addition, there are already two festivals scheduled (Riot Fest Y Punk Rock Bowling in September), so the idea of ​​us seeing an album in the future would not sound so crazy. Will be?

Gerald Casale. Photo: Getty

Devo teams up to release “I’m Gonna Pay U Back”

The last studio album Devo released was Something For Everybody In 2010 and since then, there were only some EP’s, compilations, live albums and other things that made us think that the band would only be presented as a live act. to enjoy and get nostalgic. And well, the truth is that there is nothing wrong with it, but imagine that after so long an album is released …

The possibility of an idea, for the moment, cannot be ruled out and cannot be affirmed. However, what is certain is that Gerald Casale, co-founder of the band, has met with his other colleagues to create some new music and this time, they released the song “I’m Gonna Pay U Back”.

‘Mine Is Not A Holy War’ reissue cover. Photo: Special

And here is a detail: Casale has released this track as one of the unreleased songs that we will find in the reissue of the album Mine Is Not A Holy War which he launched in 2006 under the name Jihad Jerry & the Evildoers, his ‘solo project’. For those who remember it better, in that record material from 15 years ago the other members of Devo collaborated and among the fans -to not make too much of the story-, they consider it to be something like a ‘lost album’ of the legendary eighties group.

Well, the aforementioned reissue will be released on June 12 for Record Store Day on vinyl and CD and will include new tracks: “Pieces Of Joe”, “Huboon Stomp”, “The Manifesto” and the aforementioned “I’m Gonna Pay U Back”, the latter being the one that Gerald Casale composed with Josh Freese, Bob Mothersbaugh y Mark Mothersbaugh of I must.

And although they do not receive the credit with the name of the group that brought them to fame, there is some nostalgia because it is the first time they have gotten together in 10 years to compose after the album. Something For Everybody. Check out the song below.