September 25, 2021

Guns N ‘Roses Drummer Frank Ferrer’s Pssr To Release Single’ She’s All Right ‘-

After emerging in late 2019, PSSR, the New York-based rock group that presents GUNS N ROSES drums Frank Ferrer, released his debut single “Arrested” (with a guest appearance by GUNS N ROSES guitarist Richard Fortus). This was followed by two equally rock-flavored tracks from New York City, “Last time” Y “Push”.

Now, after a season in hibernation, PSSR is back with his first new music of 2021: the next single “She is fine”, which will be released digitally on June 16 via Golden Robot Logs. It’s another hitting classic rock track that’s true to the New York rock tradition.

With funny guitars and huge cymbals crashing over the chorus, “She is fine” it’s a song about… yeah, you guessed it: a girl. A girl whose place in PSSRLife didn’t work out at the time. It wasn’t his fault, but it was finally time to go. No hard feelings – “She is fine”.

PSSR is completed with the charismatic Eric Jakobssen on voice and guitar, rock bassist Brett Bass (Greg Allman), and tied by the official lead guitarist / producer Rob Bailey (all from Delta Goodrem a David Johansen).

Ferrer United GUNS N ROSES in 2006 as a temporary replacement for Bryan Mantia. Before he knew it Ferrer I was a permanent member of GN’R, contributing to five songs in the “Chinese democracy” album.

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