September 19, 2021

Rock Star Photographers: Do You Know Who Was Behind The Camera? | Film and Television

There are images of rock history that already they are part of the popular imagination. We all know the famous comb of Johnny Cash during his concert in the San Quentin prison, the guitar of Paul Simonon, bassist of The Clash, about to explode on the ground and break into a thousand pieces or an idle Janis Joplin wrapped in a coat in fur posing in front of the door of the Chelsea Hotel in New York in the late 60s.

Nor do we forget mythical album covers such as Patti Smith’s debut with Horses, the zebra crossing of Abbey Road with The Beatles crossing it (and a popular legend related to the death of Paul McCartney) or the baby chasing a dollar bill underwater on Nirvana’s most famous album. However, what do we know of those who were on the other side of the target?

A documentary series that will premiere this Friday on Movistar + (specifically, on the channel CineDoc&Roll) intends to answer this question, delving into the context in which these snapshots were taken. A) Yes, ICON: Rock Photographers seeks to find the formula for success in musical photography, which throughout history has been characterized by capturing a context or a specific moment in popular culture.

Promotional image of the documentary ‘Icon: Rock Photographers’ / Courtesy of Movistar +

Authors as terry o’neill (The Beatles, David Bowie), Gered Mankowitz (The Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix, Kate Bush), Jill Furmanovsky (Amy Winehouse, Oasis), as well as the artists themselves (Nick Mason, from Pink Floyd; Craig David O Alice Cooper) will be in charge of establishing the itinerary of this other way of telling the story. They will do it through different interviews and dialogues full of anecdotes and unpublished experiences in which they were protagonists.

At the moment, we know that this miniseries will feature six episodes focusing on photography from the tours, the recording studio, the magazines and the album covers.