September 19, 2021

Thom Yorke shares his take on The Doors’ Jim Morrison

Today we will go back almost 30 years to remember that epic moment when the very young Thom Yorke -even without any published full length- said that Jim Morrison was a “Fat, talentless bastard” 💀. Yes, this is how you read it.

It turns out that in 1992, a year before Radiohead will publish his bittersweet debut ‘Pablo Honey’, Thom Yorke, barely 24 years old, gave an interview to the new music journalist Ian Fortnam for the fanzine The Scene where, among other things, he shared his particular and probably highly debated point of view on the mythical Morrison.

I was in the middle of a discussion about “Anyone Can Play Guitar”, second single from the aforementioned debut album by Radiohead -and that makes fun of the common archetype of the rockstar-, when the deceased Jim Morrison came up.

Another principle of the band is that lyrically it is an anti-rock-ego song. The second stanza says’I wanna be Jim Morrison ‘ and I have this pathological lack of respect for Jim Morrison and all the myth that surrounds Jim MorrisonSimply because it affects and has affected people in bands and the rock business, in the sense that they think they have to act like assholes to live up to being legends.

The Scene, 1992 (Vía Loudwire).

Although certainly violent, the statements of Thom Yorke they are born from a much more sensitive root. Even as a young man, the legendary English singer-songwriter never wanted to form part of the well-known excesses of rock n ‘roll, and 29 years later, we know they were not just inflammatory comments.

Jim Morrison is a fat, talentless bastard and he’s deadAnd it doesn’t mean anything it is more important to have your own voice within the business than to live up to this thing that you are supposed to live.

I am reading a book of Lester Bangs right now and there’s a brilliant thing about how, on the one hand, rock’n’roll should be taken very seriously, while on the other, it should be completely taken as a joke. What The Stooges… On the one hand they are a real screwed up band, but on the other hand they just take it as a joke. Iggy Pop he takes it completely as a joke.

The Scene, 1992 (Vía Loudwire).