September 19, 2021

Was its author reincarnated as Kate Bush? – Rock pop

Today’s popularity charts are quite different from those of decades ago. And it is that on a day like today, but 43 years ago, the song ‘Wuthering Heights’ reached number 1 on the English charts. Thus, Kate Bush came to success with a theme inspired by the classic novel, ‘Wuthering Heights’.

However, this is not the only thing that ties Bush to the novel. And it is that in a viral theory, some users found similarities between the artist and the writer of the classic story, Emily Brontë, assuring that she was reincarnated in Bush.

The coincidences between Kate Bush and the writer of Wuthering Heights

From the moment she was born, Kate Bush was already attached to the Wuthering Heights story. And the artist was born on July 30, 1958, Exactly 140 years after Emily Brontë’s date of birth, writer of the book.

For this reason, the artist, who always looked for curious stories to be inspired by her compositions, He marveled at sharing this date with the writer. For this reason, at just 19 years old, he released his debut single, ‘Wuthering Heights’, based on the famous book.

For his popular song, Kate Bush put herself in the role of the protagonist of ‘Wuthering Heights’, Catherine Earnshaw, who begs Heatchliff to let her in in the cold. The song became a hit and it made it to the top of the UK charts.

Thanks to its theme inspired by ‘Wuthering Heights’, Kate Bush became the first female singer-songwriter to reach this position. Likewise, he challenged those who were looking for more traditional music with a striking and legendary song.

But the fans they looked for even more matches among the women. For example, when taking their years of birth to the Chinese horoscope, it was discovered that both share the Dog as a sign. What’s more, some assured that these look quite similar physically, according to the author’s pictures.

Emily Brontë – Kate Bush

For her part, Kate Bush spoke about whether she believed in reincarnation and whether it could be the author of ‘Wuthering Heights’. According to the singer, she used to go by the name of Cathy, same name of the protagonist of the book, even before reading it. However, he confessed that he sees reincarnation as a constant process in the very life of the person.

«I love the idea that a person actually has three or four lives. I feel like reincarnation is a continuation of that“, he pointed. In addition, he added that “I have always felt that I have lived almost two lives”, confessing that he no longer uses the name Cathy.