September 19, 2021

Michael Jackson and the unknown story that relates him to Sonic

One of the most debated rumors within the community of Sonic The Hedgehog is the soundtrack of Sonic The Hedgehog 3 de 1994. More specifically, if the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, was involved in its creation.

Several accounts from former Sega employees and fan research point to his involvement. The question is: is this fact or fiction?

Sonic and Michael Jackson an unusual combination

Originally starting out as an apparent conspiracy theory in the early 2000s, Some of the earliest mentions of the theory have been attributed to one Ben Mallison, who noted extreme similarities between the game’s soundtrack and part of Jackson’s discography.. Specifically, Mallison argued that Sonic Carnival Night Zone sounded very similar to Michael Jackson’s Jam.

This theory will be debated over and over again for several years. Some would argue that the idea of ​​Jackson secretly producing the soundtrack to a game of Sonic it sounded ridiculous.

Others would argue that it would make sense if Jackson’s name were removed from the game’s credits following his 1993 sexual assault charges.. The theory had no real evidence until several former Sega employees weighed in on the matter.

A big fan of the blue hedgehog

Jackson was a fan of Sonic and had a long-standing relationship with Sega, working with the company on a video game adaptation of his film. Moonwalker in 1990. Jackson reportedly toured the Sega Technical Institute in 1993 and was asked to produce music for Sonic 3. The staff credited with the game’s soundtrack told the Huffington Post that Jackson did indeed work on the game alongside them.

Brad Buxer, Jackson’s music director, was already working with him on his album. Dangerous at that time and claimed that the singer asked him to help him in his work in Sonic 3.

Roger Hector, a former Sega executive, He would later claim that the King of Pop had indeed worked on the game’s soundtrack, but Sega would later remove its tracks from the video game after it became embroiled in the controversy.

The secret

Hector would openly state that during development Sega had intending to keep Jackson’s involvement a secret to the public, even before his sexual abuse charges.

Doug Grigsby III, member of the team that produced the soundtrack for onic 3, He claimed that development continued with Jackson after the allegations against him were made public.

He said there were never any calls to stop Sega and Jackson production, even the singer was eager to complete the project. When the game was finally released in 1994, the entire sound team was credited except for Michael Jackson.


Poor audio quality

Team members claim that Jackson got his name from the credits because the Genesis’ compressed sound quality ended up reducing the quality and impact of his music. His songs would remain, but he would not be credited.

Hector claims that after the sexual abuse charges against Jackson, Sega removed all of his tracks from the game. Howard Drossin was the songwriter hired to replace the tracks, and Drossin claims that he didn’t replace them at all, just slightly modified them.

At first, when they told him that he would work with Jackson, Drossin was surprised to find that he would ultimately be tasked with reworking his full soundtrack.

With all that said, it’s entirely possible that both Sega and the sound team’s statements are true. Technically, Sega is right. Jackson’s clues do not appear in the game as Drossin was hired to rework them.

A Sonic Theory That Turned Out To Be Real

The sound team is also telling the truth when they say that Jackson’s tracks and sounds are in the game, as Drossin admits he has barely changed them. The evidence seems pretty conclusive that Jackson had some involvement in Sonic The Hedgehog 3.

SEGA has relaunched almost all the classic titles of Sonic several times, with the first two games released for all current generation consoles, but not Sonic 3.

The game hasn’t had a re-release in over a decade, something to change with the upcoming Blue Hedgehog game collection. Fans believe the now high-profile discussion of Jackson’s involvement is part of the reason. by which Sonic 3 disappeared for so many years.

A new collection of classic games called Sonic Origins, what will compile the first three games along with Sonic CD.