September 19, 2021

Rihanna’s “warmer than an only child” look

The covers on covers are a trend to withstand the cold that has quite a few followers, one of them Rihanna. The incorporation of the first layer, tight against the skin, in the middle of winter is already culture, to later put other clothes on top and remain warm.

In fact, there are brands that have specialized in creating clothing with technology to withstand the low temperatures, and they are sales success stories when the days begin to be icy.

Fashion also proposes its strangeness, one of which is dressing jackets on top of others. And it has been the very street that has taught us how to wear clothes every year. It is in large cities where trend hunters observe what passersby wear and then transfer it to the showcases, this is how this industry works that at some minute gave us the great idea of ​​putting on a leather biker sweater and on top of it, a coat of combed wool.

Rihanna is not far behind and is in fact an inspiration, as well as other celebrities in her category. What the great celebrities use manages to be a trend in one way or another and in their case we see the layers on layers in a quite exaggerated way, which is known as “editorial work”.

Fashion magazines show quite ostentatious proposals of various trends. Rihanna In his latest social media look, he wears several pants, one on top of the other, and the same with his jackets.

The creator of Fenty that we have been used to seeing her in her underwear for some time, today we are surprised “warmer than an only child “, as the popular saying goes.

Like Rihanna’s: Other High-Impact Fashionista Cases

As well as RiRi shows us the fashion of a thousand layers, other celebrities of his size have impressed us with their winter outfits.

One of them and without a doubt the most remembered is Lenny Kravitz and his hyper mega XL scarf. On any given day, the music celebrity came out with her neck warm, because the throat area is one of the areas that must be taken care of the most when the low temperatures appear.

To avoid catching a cold, the singer wore a scarf of proportions, an exaggeration of the maxi scarf model that earned him paparazzi photos and various memes on social networks.

The lenny scarf became as famous as the singer, who at that time had his viral moment.

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