September 19, 2021

All 11 albums ranked from worst to best

During the 1980s and early 1990s, it seemed that all innovative projects had something to do with the Seattle area. After all, it is the glorious metropolis that gave birth to grunge; a movement that was a great change in contemporary music; whose songs defined a whole generation of rock lovers.

Anyone who listened to music in those fertile times knows who he is Pearl Jam. As one of the pioneers of the grunge revolution, his music helped change the way we perceive rock and roll to this day. In terms of impact, it could be said that Pearl Jam were the most influential of the four unwitting predecessors of grunge (Nirvana, Alice in Chains Y Soundgarden); and that his vast contributions to rock have inspired – and continue to inspire – countless artists. And they are not done yet.

In March 2020, the group made up of Jeff Ament (bass guitar), Stone Gossard (guitar), Mike McCready (lead guitar), Eddie Vedder (voice, guitar) and Matt Cameron (drums); it launched ‘Gigaton’, his 11th study effort and the first in 7 years since ‘Lightning Bolt’. The release of this album was scheduled to coincide with a North American tour; however, it was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, with the aim of rescheduling it for a later date.

Against all odds, Pearl Jam continues to release great works and amass a large cult following with marathon gigs that seem to get better as the band ages. From debut to ‘Gigaton’ 2020, these are all the albums of Pearl Jam, from worst to best.

All Pearl Jam records sorted from worst to best

11. Gigaton

Gigaton‘is the eleventh album of Pearl Jam, released on March 27, 2020. The singles “Dance of the Clairvoyants” and “Superblood Wolfmoon” are released from this album.

It is the first effort of the band after seven years since the publication of Lightning Bolt and lasts 57:03 minutes, thus being the longest in the history of the band to date.

Emotionally it was dark and confusing at times, but what was experienced in turn was also something exciting and experimental. Collaborate with my colleagues in ‘Gigaton‘Ultimately it gave me greater love, greater awareness and greater knowledge regarding the human connection that we need in these times.

Mike McCready.

10. Riot Act

The seventh album of Pearl Jam It was the first after the September 11 attacks and the accidental death of nine fans during their performance at the Danish festival of Roskilde in 2000. As such, the lyrics of Eddie Vedder on ‘Riot Act’ revolve around personal and political issues; with a song, “Bu $ hleaguer”, which directly criticizes the president George W. Bush and the policies of his administration (war against Iraq and Afghanistan).

Even if ‘Riot Act’ has to Bet at its lyrical prime, one of the album’s most haunting tracks is “Arc.” It has no lyrics and is made up of a 9-track loop of moans from Bet, a tribute to the 9 victims of the tragedy of Roskilde.

9. Lightning Bolt

A solid record with a couple of infectious songs, the album also showcases folkloric elements, flaunting various forms of instrumentation including violin, piano and, on the track “Sleeping by Myself,” Bet: el ukelele.

The lyrics on this album address aging (“Future Days”) and mortality (“Pendulum”), with the necessary political statements (“Infallible”).

Notably, the album won an award Grammy for the band in 2015 (the second in its history) in the category of ‘Best Recording Package‘.

8. Pearl Jam

Known to many fans as ‘Avocado’, Pearl Jam shows promise early on with tracks like “World Wide Suicide” and “Severed Hand” – although they share similar chord structures – before falling into derivation. Recorded during the height of the military involvement of the USA on Middle East, the album has a very political character.

The highlight of this album was the Italian promotional tour. These concerts were documented by the photographer and filmmaker Danny Clinch, who created the movie ‘Picture in Frame’, a DVD released by the band in September 2007.

7. Binaural

This is another album where Pearl Jam took a considerable risk with their sound, experimenting with different elements and recording approaches.

‘Binaural’ is the first album in which Matt Cameron, from Soundgarden, takes care of the battery. Many fans consider it one of the band’s top three albums just for this fact. Named for the album’s recording method, ‘Binaural’ has a unique sound among the catalog of Pearl Jam. The band went through difficult times during the recording of the album: The singer Eddie Vedder faced a creative block and the guitarist Mike McCready went into rehab, while the band switched drummers for the fifth (and last) time.

6. Backspacer

One of the least appreciated works of Pearl Jam, is packed with fast-paced, upbeat, hard-rock-style songs like “Supersonic” and “Got Some.”

The shortest of all albums by Pearl Jam lasts less than 37 minutes. The tone of ‘Backspacer’ is totally opposite to the one of the two previous albums of the band (‘Riot Act’ and the homonym). Those albums, written during the presidency of George W. BushThey were very political and pessimistic. Compared to them, ‘Backspacer’ It is all optimism taking as a pretext the choice of Barack Obama a year earlier as president of the USA.

5. No Code

Considered the most diverse launch of Pearl Jam, ‘No Code’ it’s a reasoned LP that really shows the versatility of the band. It has a tinge of garage rock (“Habit”) and country rock (“Red Mosquito”); while heavy tunes like “Lukin”, “Present Tense” and “Hail, Hail” satisfy fans who prefer the more avant-garde side of the group.

With the former drummer of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Jack Irons, assuming the functions in the battery, ‘No Code’ he ventured even further into new musical territory for the band.

4. Yield

‘Yield’, the last album of Pearl Jam with Jack Irons, is perhaps the most honest and sincere study effort of the band, a cohesive and round album with a deep lyricism contributed by Vedder, Jeff Ament Y Gossard in equal parts. It is a must-have record for true fans and simply a fantastic album for anyone who appreciates absorbing rock.

It featured the radio hits “Given To Fly,” “Wishlist,” and “Do The Evolution.” It’s great from start to finish, a 48-minute journey that’s diverse, fun and powerful from a sonic and lyrical point of view.

The song “Faithful” gave name to the league of fans who religiously follow the band on their tours.

3. Vitalogy

From the unique album packaging to the strange 8-minute tracks with no real music, ‘Vitalogy’ it forced listeners to redefine their expectations of what rock could be.

The material was released on vinyl two weeks before its release on CD. In addition to all this, the band, which was reaching the peak of its popularity; he refused to tour using the Ticketmaster box office to promote the work.

Despite all these things, ‘Vitalogy’ contains some of the best songs from Pearl Jam. For example, “Spin the Black Circle” is the only song in the ensemble to date to have won an award. Grammy.

2. Vs.

Expectations were very high for the second album of Pearl Jam after the commercial and critical success it meant ‘Ten’, and in general, the grunge masters complied, silencing the skeptics who had dismissed them as a possible flash.

Originally titled ‘5 Against 1′; ‘Vs.’ was the response of Pearl Jam to their sudden transformation into generation X boys. Songs like “Blood” and “Leash” conveyed the band’s contempt for all the media attention they received after their debut album.

A quarter of a century after its release, the social issues highlighted on the album are more relevant than ever: sexual abuse (“Animal”), domestic violence (Daughter ”), racism (“ WMA ”), gun control (“Glorified G”). With their second album, the band showed the world that they were much more than just a group of talented musicians.

1. Ten

The debut album of Pearl Jam came out in August 1991. In addition to the repercussion that its minutes had on the radio, the music video for “Jeremy” swept the world. MTV, receiving 5 nominations for Video Music Awards of 1993 and winning 4.

The most surprising of ‘Ten’ is that one of his best songs, “Black”, was not even released as a single! This album would become the group’s reference for the rest of their career and was the most commercially successful, selling more than 10 million copies.

Some of the band’s best songs may have appeared on later albums, but no other material had such an impact as ‘Ten’.