August 1, 2021

Attack on Titan: 10 voice actors you didn’t know were part of the English dub

Attack on Titan is an incredibly popular anime, so it makes sense that some of the best-known voice actors are in the English dub. Most of the people who decide to watch the series in English know the voice actors of the main characters, such as Bryce Papenbrook (Eren) and Matthew Mercer (Levi).

However, there are also many popular voice actors who had much smaller roles in Attack. on Titan. Here are ten of those actors, whom they play in Attack on Titan, and other characters that they have voiced and that many anime and video game fans will surely recognize.

10 Aunt Ballard plays Hannah Diamant

Many soldiers who were trained in the 104th Cadet Corps with Eren, Mikasa, and other main characters were not in the series for long, as they died in the Battle of Trost District. Tia Ballard’s Hannah Diamant was one of them, whom fans will remember especially in one of the saddest scenes in that arc, when Armin saw how she tried to save her boyfriend, Franz, who had already died.

Tia Ballard has also voiced Happy in Fairy Tail, to Serafall Leviathan in High School DxD, a Chiho Sasaki en The devil is a paratrooper! and Marron in the franchise of Dragon Ball .

9 Christopher Sabat interprets Kitz Woermann

Christopher Sabat has played many popular anime roles over the years, including Roronoa Zora from One Piece, Alex Louis Armstrong de Fullmetal Alchemist, All Might of My Hero Academia and many characters from the franchiseDragon Ball, like Piccolo, Yamcha, Shenron and Vegeta.

On Attack the titans, played Kitz Woermann, a captain in the Garrison Regiment who attempted to kill Eren after he turned into a Titan during the Battle of the Trost District.

8 Erika Harlacher interpreta a Dina Fritz

Erika Harlacher plays Dina Fritz, a distant relative of the Reiss family who married Grisha, gave birth to Zeke and helped lead the Eldian restorers before transforming into the Titan who ate Eren’s mother.

She is best known for her roles in anime, as Videl in Dragon Ball Super, Elizabeth Liones in The seven capital sins, Kurapika en Hunter X Hunter and Violet Evergarden in the anime of the same name. She has also voiced some recent RPG characters, such as Ann Takamaki from Person 5, Twenty de Genshin Impact and Juna Crawford of The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel.

7 AmaLee plays with Louise

Although she voices Louise, a Survey Corps soldier and Yeagerist who has admired Mikasa since she was a child, AmaLee is mostly known to fans as a singer on YouTube. His channel is called LeeandLie, and he has covered many songs from different anime series, including Attack on Titan.

The channel has close to two million subscribers, who are always looking forward to hearing its next cover. As for voice acting, she has also played characters like Bibimi Kenranzaki from My Hero Academia, Otohime de One Piece, Luca de Black Clover y Junko Konno de Zombie Land Saga.

6 Nathan Sharp interpreta a Marcel Galliard

AmaLee isn’t the only singer with a popular YouTube channel to have appeared on Attack. on Titan. Nathan Sharp, aka NateWantsToBattle, has uploaded a ton of covers on Give Heart Records, some of which are Attack on songs. Titan.

In the anime, he plays Marcel, one of the heirs of the Titan Jaw, brother of Porco and friend of Reiner, Bertholdt and Annie. He has also been the voice of Gapri in Fairy Tail y de Yoshichika Tsuguri en Luck & Logic.

5 Vic Mignogna plays with Eld Gin

When Eren met Levi, he quickly joined the captain’s squad and met some of the strongest soldiers in the Survey Corps. One of them, Eld Gin, has the voice of Vic Mignogna, known above all for being the protagonist of Fullmetal Alchemist, Edward Elric, and one of the strongest characters in the franchise Dragon Ball , Broly.

He has also voiced Ikkaku Madarame of Bleach, a Matt Ishida de Digimon Adventure tri. Tamaki Suoh, de Ouran High School Host Club, and E-123 Omega, from the games of Sonic the Hedgehog .

4 Zeno Robinson interpreted Onyankopon

Zeno Robinson plays Onyankopon, an anti-Marleyan volunteer who befriended the Study Corps and helped them in many ways. He has also played Goh in Pokémon Journeys: The Series, Hawks y Deidoro Sakaki en My Hero Academia, Genya Shinazugawa en Demon Slayer, Ogun en Fire Force and Superalloy Darkshine in One Punch Man.

Outside of anime, he has participated in cartoons, such as Young Justice, Craig of the Creek, Amphibia Y Animaniacs.

3 Colleen Clinkenbeard plays Mikasa’s mother

Few characters of Attack the titans They have had a sadder life than Mikasa Ackerman, and one of the reasons is that she saw her parents get killed by human traffickers when she was a child. Her mother’s voice was provided by Colleen Clinkenbeard, who has appeared in many popular anime.

He has voiced Monkey D. Luffy in One Piece, a Moka en Rosario Vampire, a Makina en Deadman Wonderland ya gohan in Dragon Ball Z Kai, as well as some minor characters in the franchise early in his career. He is also one of the main characters, Lilith, in the video game series. Borderlands.

2 Robbie Daymond plays with Grice

DemonSlayer and Jujutsu Kaisen They are two anime series that have gained a lot of popularity recently, and Robbie Daymond participates in both. In Demon Slayer, gives voice to Haganezuka and in Jujutsu Kaisen plays Megumi Fushiguro. He also has some popular roles in cartoons, such as Peter Parker in Spider-Man by Disney XD and Jesse on Infinity Train.

When it comes to video games, he has given Prompto a voice in Final Fantasy XV, to Goro in Person 5 and several characters from the games of Fire Emblem . On Attack the titans, voices Grice, one of Eldian’s restorers whom Grisha was friends with. Aside from voicing the characters, he is also part of a streaming group called LAVA with two other actors known for their roles in the anime, Max Mittelman and Ray Chase.

1 Ray Chase interpreta a Eren Kruger

Speaking of LAVA, Ray Chase is another of the group’s voice actors. Before voicing Eren Kruger, the heir to the Attack Titan before Grisha, he played multiple characters in other popular anime, such as Hunter X Hunter, Dragon Ball Super Y JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. However, his most iconic roles are found in video games, especially Square Enix titles.

He is the protagonist of Final Fantasy XV, Noctis, and one of the most mysterious characters in the series Kingdom Hearts, the Master of Teachers. He has also participated in the two games of Deny . He voiced Eve in NieR: Automata and the protagonist of the improved version of NieR Replicant which went on sale a few weeks ago. These ten actors demonstrate that the characters of Attack on Titan have some of the best voices in anime.