August 1, 2021

Belinda: Interview on how she achieves her well-being and female empowerment

Belinda has many beauty secrets, some are easier to discover than others. At this point, know the makeup products and skincare used by the celebrities we admire, okay, it is always possible to rescue one or the other tip that we can apply to our own routine. But what lies beyond? What about that internal beauty that is talked about so much and where we are so convinced that external beauty comes from?

In the latest edition of Vogue Beauty Secrets, the singer and actress, Belinda, transmits serenity through her words. It is encouraging to know that this is no longer a trend, it is now a reality that exterior attractiveness starts from within, with the emotional well-being.

As happened to many and many colleagues in her industry, 2020 was a year of hiatus for the interpreter of ‘Beautiful betrayal’, a time that brought its respective obstacles and losses. Shared on Instagram the death of his grandmother, Juana Moreno, whom today he confesses as the most powerful woman he ever knew. He dedicated his most recent project to her, the Spanish series, ‘Bienvenidos al Edén’, which marks his return to acting and its foray into streaming platforms.

It could be thought that the loss of a loved one is a turning point in the life of any human being, however, Belinda She laughs that every day is ‘breaking point’ for her. She considers herself a woman in constant evolution and movement.

Much like Nina Simone, the singer reveals that, for her, freedom consists of ‘not being afraid’ and conclude the conversation with a message of hope that, in the midst of times in which it seems that the end of the hiatus that we are living is very close, and at the same time very far, it sounds comforting.

How to achieve emotional well-being according to Belinda

“As long as I know what is right and what is wrong, I stay calm and that gives me peace.”

© Valero Rioja

How do you achieve emotional well-being with the expectations they have of you?

I think everyone has different expectations of who I am. Of course for my family I hope to be the best version of me, the best human being possible, the most empathic with them and obviously with people in general. But as for the media or people who don’t know me, whatever I do as an artist or as a person, they will always find a ‘but’, so as long as I know what is right and what is wrong, I stay calm and that gives me peace. I don’t think much about ‘I’m going to do this because the public will like it.’ Not, I do what is born to me, what I want and at the end of the day if the public wants me who I am, they will follow me, they will follow my content, my stories, my songs or my performances or whatever. If they only have bad things to say, I don’t even pay attention, because those people are always going to say something negative, even if I do something good or positive. (I let myself be carried away) by what I feel, or what I want; and what my family and loved ones tell me; Those who I know love me for the human being that I am.

What habits have you learned to balance your emotional well-being?

I learned to value the simplest things in life, to value being breathing, being healthy, being with my family, having my loved ones by my side. In this pandemic i lost my granny which has been the biggest loss i have had so far. I have learned to value the simple fact of being alive, sometimes we worry about so much nonsense that we stop appreciating and seeing the positive things, smiling, enjoying and thanking. I think that as long as one is grateful to life, for what he has and you are not thinking about what others have, but simply enjoying a good meal, enjoying a good nap, enjoying a glass of wine, enjoying each other’s company. or of your own loneliness.

When you think of freedom, what or who comes to mind?

Freedom is being able to decide, is to be able to think freely and to be able to express what you feel, without fear, to be able to be yourself. Not being afraid for me is freedom, I think about that, in the Peace of mind, I think it is also freedom. Personally, peace of mind for me, not being afraid, finding a balance in life, that for me is freedom.

What was the turning point in your life to become the woman you are today?

Every day is breaking point for my life and every day they change me, every day I learn something, every day life teaches me something, every day someone gives me a lesson, every day I am surprised by things, every day is a lesson for me and all days I’m becoming the woman I am today, so I live in constant change.

What is the phrase that helps you in difficult times?

‘Easy, everything happens’ and ‘When the storm passes, the calm comes’.

Belinda talking about female empowerment

How do you describe a powerful woman?

A woman who has security, who is not afraid to express what she feels or what she thinks, a woman who does not become small to enter the life of another person, but that that person accepts you as you are and as you are. A powerful woman is one who always has a smile for others, who has good advice, who has good intentions, who is not afraid of failure because failure makes you rise again. I believe that a powerful woman is many things and it is neither money, nor that you wear a outfit Very expensive, or that you carry a good brand, I think not. [Ser una mujer poderosa] comes much more from the inside than from the outside definitely. The outside is only like the wrapping, how it looks on the outside, but the important thing is when you open that gift, what is inside and that defines a powerful woman.

Who is a powerful woman reference in your life and why?

Someone who has been the most powerful woman I have ever known, it was my grandmother, she was such a confident woman, at the same time so fragile, but so strong and she was always there for us and I never saw her weaken. When he got weak or fell, he got up the next day. Of course I admire her and will admire her for the rest of my life.

Belinda talks about hope

“There is always one more day to rewrite those blank pages.”

© Valero Rioja

What would you say to all the people who don’t believe in a better future?

I would tell them that you can always be better than you are today, as long as you want to improve, because I don’t think you have to be negative, I’ve had negative streaks and it hasn’t worked for me at all. At the end of the day the sun always comes out againYou always have the opportunity to start over and even if you have had a fatal past, some horrible experiences, some very unpleasant, sad, empty, lost moments, you can always write your book again. There is always one more day to write again Those blank pages and the others are there as part of your learning, but the important thing is to be able to build a new day and not settle for the negative, or with what we have already lived that has not been so beautiful, we can write again a new page in our book and I am sure that it will be better than the past, if you want it, if you want it and if you do everything to achieve it.