September 21, 2021

Gaby Cotter presents her song ‘Miento’

Gaby Cotter, is a Panamanian singer, songwriter and educator. She has her singing and arts studio in the city of Boston, United States, where she resides with her husband.

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The artist graduated with honors from the University of Panama, has a degree in Fine Arts with a specialty in song. She also has a specialty in singing and vocal performance from the Berklee College of Music, from which she also graduated with honors.

In the last decade, Panamanian artist He has established himself as a performer, shining in various musical genres, marking his character as an artist.

Cotter is equally appreciated for his charisma and respected for his professionalism as a singer. This has led her to share the stage with important names on the world music scene such as Cassandra Wilson, Aida Cuevas, Victor “Vitín” Paz, Ariacne Trujillo and Andrea Bocelli, among others.

Songs and more

The artist this year has presented two topics, one in March and another this month.

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“I know I’m going to see you” was the song he showed in March. “Miento” is the latest single from the Panamanian.

“I lie to my soul if I say that I am fine, that I am already smiling again, that I am no longer afraid. And I lie when I say that I will forget you and I lie more if I say that I will not cry”, is heard in part of the song. ‘

His work mixes the different colors of Latin American sounds, the Caribbean and its warmth. Rhythm and pure energy with a bit of Andean folk melancholy that in turn is combined with the freedom of “jazz”, the feeling of “blues” and R&B. As a result, a more adult, more mature pop project, giving rise to a new musical proposal that fascinates even the most knowledgeable.

But this is not all, as Gaby Cotter is also recording her first album study which is preparing to launch at the end of 2021.

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His music portrays the greatness of the Latin American sounds with hints of jazz, pop and R&B. Gaby Cotter combines lively lyrics, positive attitude and powerful messages, telling stories one song at a time.

In addition, he continues as a session singer for music by films, comerciales, y backing vocals.


Cotter’s mentors include Jessica Hidalgo, Wanda Castillo, Daniela Schachter, Lisa Thorson, Maggie Scott, Jeannie Gagne, and Viktorija Pilatovic as voice teachers.

Additionally, he learned from musicians such as Kevin Harris, Jackson Schultz, Daniel Ian Smith, Bob Pilkington, Rebecca Cline, Colin Sapp, Fernando Brandao, and more.

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