August 4, 2021

Chris Martin wants to take Coldplay’s music to the moon

The release of the new video clip “Higher Power” and its interstellar theme would have strongly inspired Chris Martin, leader and vocalist of the band Coldplay, since the musician has now expressed his ambitions so that pel and the rest of the group achieve what no band has been able in all the history of music: to perform a concert from the moon.

An undertaking that seems not entirely impossible, except that Martin himself acknowledges that the vacuum in space, which prevents the propagation of sound, could be a major setback should Coldplay try to “bravely go where no band has gone. before”.

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Chris Martin shared his curious future goal in a recent talk on “The Zach Sang Show”: “Not many people have done it, that’s true. But isn’t there a problem if you touch on the moon no one could really hear? I’m confused about the atmosphere, ”commented the musician.

We will try anything twice. I don’t care about the ridiculous, since I only say what seems true to me. It is what we all have to do.

Despite not dealing directly with the moon, Coldplay would present a great interest in the atmosphere of science fiction thanks to “Higher Power”, their most recent single, which presented the group in a new video clip in a new environment surrounded by alien life.

Directed by Dave Meyers, who has collaborated with artists such as Taylor Swift and Billie Eilish, Chris Martin and company have been presented on a stellar journey to the “colorful junk planet” called Kaotica, whose language is similar to the art with which the band has promoted this new single in the weeks leading up to its release.

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Higher Power was first introduced in the middle of last month and currently has an estimated 75 million shares online around the world. Recent reports indicate that Coldplay is working on a new studio album, which would be titled “Music Of The Spheres.”