August 4, 2021

Marie Claire | Learn about the story of Jamie Lynn, Britney Spears’ younger sister

Jamie Lynn Spears, the younger sister of the pop princess, has just turned (on April 4) 30 years. Many will remember her as Zoey, central role of the series of Nickelodeon, Zoey 101, which lasted from 2005 to 2008, and was interrupted by early motherhood of its protagonist.

And there, amid increasing media harassment, the “Mirror game” for both sisters it began to be more and more cruel and incessant.

His relationship with Britney

From a very young age, the sisters were inseparable, although the care of the eldest was always present.

By the hand of Britney, in the Crossroads movie, Jamie Lynn debuted in acting with a small and short cameo that, of course, went around the world.

Faced with the surprise of how good that 10-year-old girl looked on screen, Nickelodeon was more than interested in her and included it in the eighth season of the series All That (1994-2005).

To rave reviews for her performance, Jamie was later recruited to star in Zoey 101. The show’s song, “Follow Me”, was written by Britney Spears herself, giving her absolute support his younger sister.

Just when the teen comedy had finished its filming, the news of the actress’s pregnancy at 16 shook the audience and the very success of Zoey 101, since the last chapters had not aired. For its part, Nickelodeon supported Lynn’s decision to have the baby, but the press had acted very aggressively and said that this pregnancy was “her end” acting and until “He had surpassed his wayward sister” …

Sudden motherhood

The artist had met the actor Casey Aldridge in a Church, he already knew the Spears family, and even though they were in a relationship, the pregnancy was a surprise for all.

It was a friend, in fact, who recommended that Jamie Lynn take a pregnancy test. When she tested positive, the young woman (still a teenager) was in shock. He told his mother, Lynne, through a letter that he put under his bedroom door and she thought it was a joke. His father, James, felt the world go on hold for a few minutes.

Finally, Lynn made the decision to have your daughter maddie. Although she was aware that she was still a child, facing the pregnancy for her (as she told years later) was a way to mature and to take the challenge of being the best mother possible. The actress almost married Aldridge, but eventually they decided not to do so and parted ways in 2010.

Jamie Lynn with her first daughter, Maddie.

Jamie Lynn disappeared from the media to raise your daughter in Louisiana. In 2011 he met the businessman Jamie watson, with whom you moved to Nashville and started working on his first and only album released so far, which has nothing to do with pop, but country music.

In 2013 he showed his first preview: “How Could I Want More”, and managed to enter the Billboard rankings. In addition, he collaborated on his sister’s eighth album on the song “Chillin ‘With You” and also composed songs for other artists.

Amid so much music, Jamie married Watson and months later his album came out The Journey (2014), which received good reviews.

Jamie Lynn Spears
One of his best known songs as a singer.

Two years later, the singer composed the song “Sleepover” to present it in the Grand Ole Opry, theater where great artists of country music have performed such as Porter Wagoner y Dolly Parton.

It was a very exciting presentation, since both his brothers Bryan and Britney, like their parentsThey were there to give you their full support.

Lynn left a record of that night, and various aspects of her professional and private life in the documentary When the Lights Go Out (2016, can be seen in YouTube), where speaks highly of his father James, who accompanies her at all times in her decisions and understands that her character is product of the “demons of the past.”

A before and after

In 2017 his daughter Maddie suffered an accident while playing with a toy car and fell into a lake. Jamie Lynn jumped in to rescue her, but the girl didn’t react. Maddie was ltaken by unconscious helicopter to the nearest hospital and showed vital signs two days later.

The artist highlighted that moment as the scariest of his life and said that her daughter’s recovery was a miracle. A year later he was born Ivey Watson, his second daughter.

With a marriage that already takes 7 years old and two daughters, Jamie tested himself again, this time with acting in it.Netflix series, “Sweet Magnolias” (2020), which has already confirmed its second season.

The actress plays Noreen there, a very uncomfortable pregnant woman, a “nod” to her own life story and her difficult adolescence.


Regarding the documentary Framing Britney, which portrays the reason for the #FreeBritney movement, Jamie Lynn did not participate in it, but he did show support for his sister through social networks and invited the press to “not repeat the mistakes of the past” and asked that people be “nicer.”

The artist has said that she will always be there for whatever Britney needs. For her part, the singer of “Overprotected”Highlighted in an emotional Instagram post the actress as one of the women who most inspired her in her life.

Lynn has not only shown to the press that her career did not end, but that has overcome all negative reviews that they imposed in their teens. The fortress of the Spears still continues, only missing one more battle to face as sisters: Britney’s ultimate “freedom”.

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