September 21, 2021

Afrika Bambaataa leaves Universal Zulu Nation cornered by cases of child abuse

Afrika Bambaataa / Archive.

Hemmed in by the increasing number of accusations that he abused children, the veteran rapper Afrika Bambaataa, 59, has left the leadership of the pacifist organization Universal Zulu Nation, responsible for the expansion of hip hop culture around the world and which he himself founded in the Bronx in 1976. It is not clear whether he is popularly known as the “grandfather” of the genre and father of sound. electro funk has resigned from his position or has been expelled from the entity.

The institution has limited itself to announcing in its official Web site which is already “under new leadership.” In the statement sent to the media, there is no reference to Bambaataa, but the Nation says that all people who are accused of a crime or who have helped to cover it up must leave their position on their own account or be fired.

In the dispatch, published this Friday and that appears below these lines, the Nation affirms that at the moment it is directed by its international and regional leaders in the United States. The apologetic organization will undertake a “major restructuring” to better serve its communities. In the coming months, “there will be significant changes”, such as a new movement to support victims of abuse and rape.

Just yesterday the influential rapper Talib True was disappointed by the lack of forcefulness on the part of Universal Zulu Nation talking about Afrika Bambaataa. The Brooklyn artist is dissatisfied with the way the organization has handled controversy. The musician expressed his concern in Twitter.

“I have great appreciation for all of the Zulu Nation’s contribution to hip hop. But I am disappointed in the way the allegations against Bams are being handled, ”he wrote in a message.

Until a few days ago, Universal Zulu Nation He has been defending the mythical disc jockey by ensuring that those who attribute sexual abuse to minors only echo defamatory rumors. He claimed that it is all part of an attack by the media sponsored by the United States Government to discredit and destroy the entity already Afrika Bambaataa in particular. He pleads not guilty.

A man called Shamsideen Shariyf Ali Bey, who introduces himself as a former bodyguard of Afrika Bambaataa, was the last to put the hip hop legend on the ropes. In a recent interview with Shot97, has stated that “Bambaataa, who has always been a saint, is a bloody pedophile” and “this is a well-known fact within the Zulu Nation.”

Last month, Afrika Bambaataa -pioneer of hip hop, author alongside Soulsonic Force from the mythical hit “Planet Rock” and founder of the Zulu Nation – was accused of child abuse by former member of the New York Democratic Committee Ronald Savage, who claimed that the musician forced him to perform oral sex when he was 15 years old. Three other men appeared in the press days later making similar allegations.