January 16, 2022

81 years ago the singer and actress Nancy Sinatra was born

On June 8, 1940, he was born Nancy Sinatra, famous for being the daughter of the insurmountable Frank Sinatra, but also for its great success These boots are made for walkin’, a song that together with Lee Hazlewood, her producer and composer, helped her become an icon of female empowerment and at the same time, that famous surname shone not only after the name Frank.

The song is part of the soundtrack of the recently released Disney movie, Cruella, starring Emma Stone.

Enthusiastic about following in his father’s footsteps, Sinatra began his career in 1960, debuting in his father’s show, The Frank Sinatra Timex Show.

Same year that Reprise Records offered him a music contract. However, despite the fact that the songs released were very popular in Europe and Japan, due to their radio release, none of their tracks reached the United States in physical format.

Beginning of his career

The musical projects of Nancy Sinatra made a change in 1966, when, together with their producers, they changed the look from the singer to a more mature and attractive style

It attracted the attention of different media, and after signing with Represe Records, Nancy Sinatra released her single These Boots Are Made for Walkin’ which peaked at number 1 on the chart Billboard Hot 100, thanks to its millions of physical sales in the United States.

After the fame gained for her single, Nancy Sinatra made several television appearances and made her film debut, as an actress, in the film The Ghost in the Invisible Bikini (1966).

His participation in television programs was in shows such as The Smothers Brothers Show, on The Ed Sullivan Show (especially memorable) and The Man From UNCLE.

The unexpected success of the single These Boots Are Made for Walkin’ sparked the album release Boots, debut production of the singer that would become the most successful album of her career.