November 29, 2021

The feminism of Norah Jones, the New York revelation of jazz

// By: Staff

Mon 9 March, 2020

By: Sheila Navarro

It is not possible to talk about jazz and blues without mentioning Norah Jones, the New Yorker who conquered the Grammys in 2003 with her debut album Come Away With Me (2002). The pianist and actress was born on March 30 in New York City, where she lived until she was four years old.

From a young age, Jones acquired love and inspiration from jazz and blues singers such as Aretha Franklin, Billie Holiday, Etta James, among others. His liking also ranges from in country with Willie Nelson.

At the age of twenty, the singer-songwriter was integrated into the community of nightclubs, New York City Bronx and concert centers, where she collaborated with small bands that performed in these venues. Over the course of two years, he dedicated himself to singing in various jazz rooms where the audience did not reach more than twenty people.

After writing her own songs, she managed to stabilize her singing career at a nightclub called “The Living Room”, where a member of the EMI record label listened to her and asked for a demo with her material. After that night, Jones’ career took a pleasant turn.

It turned out that the demo got into the hands of the head of Blue Note Records, a record label dedicated to jazz, blues and soul. For obvious reasons, Norah’s musical proposal was quite promising, it was a melodious voice and a style that offers serenity and warmth.

It was thus that he was born Come Away With Me (2002), his debut album that got organic diffusion, Jones’ sound that was somewhat underground, spread by word of mouth. It didn’t take a massive campaign for the album to get a million copies sold in just a few months. It crossed borders and quickly went platinum in Portugal, the Netherlands and Australia. In New Zealand it got a fivefold platinum.

It is estimated that the sales of this album exceed 18 million copies. In addition, it was the recipient of five Grammy Awards in its 45th edition, taking the award for best album of the year.

The singer-songwriter is one of the most important representatives of contemporary jazz and an archetype for women who are dedicated to Jazz. So far, he has six studio albums, an EP and a compilation album, as well as having collaborated with great artists such as Foo Fighters, Belle and Sebastian and The Little Willies, to name a few.

At the beginning, the lyrics of his songs evoked love and its counterpart; After several years he has dedicated himself to talking about politics, opening up his style to more genres such as folk, country and soul.