January 17, 2022

What’s behind Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams”?

This Fleetwood Mac song released in 1977 has gained momentum again thanks to Tik Tok, but few know the turbulent history behind it.

Tik Tok He arrived strong and his power brought us videos that went viral with great force and speed. Perhaps the highest representative of this is the “Video of the cholo drinking juice”, I mean the video posted by Nathan Apodaca from your account called “@420doggface208”, in which he appears riding a skateboard, drinking cranberry juice, while singing the sweet “Dreams” from Fleetwood Mac.


♬ Dreams (2004 Remaster) – Fleetwood Mac

Thanks to this video Nathan became a celebrity, the juice company achieved an increase in sales, while Fleetwood Mac gained a new legion of fans.

Now, what is behind that calm song, with a relaxing rhythm, sung by a sweet voice?

The story of drugs, sex, excesses and marital breakups behind Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams”

Fleetwood Mac It is a sui generis band, since from being a British blues group they took a radical turn in 1975 by approaching a more accessible pop rock, adding to their ranks a couple of Americans.

After a first successful album with this formation, in 1976 the band sets out to record one more album.

However, the situation was adverse in various aspects.

And it is that within the group there were 2 love relationships that had ended. On the one hand the singers Lindsey Buckingham y Stevie Nicks and on the other, bassist John McVie and Christine, singer and keyboardistThey were both still married but already dating other people, even Christine had started a courtship with the group’s lighting engineer.

While drummer Mick Fleetwood He had also just ended his marriage in a turbulent manner, as he realized that his wife had cheated on him with one of his best friends.


Added to this were strong addiction problems for the members of the group, specifically cocaine.

Despite this and some rumors of a possible disintegration, Fleetwood Mac began the recording work in a studio of Sausalito, California, in 1976.

Given the high expectations in this regard, the Warner label gave them “Open wallet” to spend whatever it was as long as the best album of the group’s career was achieved … and they did.

Although it should be noted that the open budget that was had for this album caused that The excesses were present during the months of recording.

Bottles of alcohol to throw and mountains of cocaine They were consumed by the members of the band from 7 pm (the time they arrived at the studio) until late at night, when the recording sessions began.

Sometimes one of the members of the band would bring their new partner to the studio, which generated scenes of jealousy that were on the verge of spiraling out of control.

Either there were those who fell into states of depression or anger. They were just emotionally shattered.

It is said that although there was tensions of all against all, they were able to agree on the sessions and composition of the songs.

And although they were able to overcome the obstacles posed by excesses and personal problems, they faced another problem: at the end of the process they realized that they had been damaged the recording tapes.

This delayed everything, but it could be resolved.

The result was remarkable: 11 great songs that even any of them could have been chosen as single.

The disk was called “Rumours” and it was a resounding success, which had its most successful single on “Dreams”.

This song was composed by the vocalist Stevie Nicks in just 10 minutes, according to what the production team and the singer herself have said.

The song talks about a love break that is painful and unavoidable.

The musical richness of this song is enormous. Highlights the rhythmic base by drummer Mick Fleetwood and John McVie on bass (one of the best bassists in rock history), as well as the vocal harmonies of Lindsey, Stevie and Christine.

It’s amazing how they managed to record a great album despite the conditions in which the entire creative process took place.