November 26, 2021

Nights of wine and music, a summer to discover wineries in the Marina Alta

  • Bodegas de Jesús Pobre, Llíber and Teulada Moraira will be the setting for “Wine and Music”, an initiative that highlights the landscape, tradition and music of the Marina Alta through sessions that combine guided tours, wine tasting, tapas and concerts

“Wine and Music” is a novel proposal that presents a unique pairing: savoring unique wines from the Marina Alta and getting to know the wineries that produce them to the sound of prominent musicians and groups with a very close relationship with the region. Tradition, culture, landscape, oenology, gastronomy and leisure come together in a cycle featuring four leading wineries –Casa Agrícola Pepe Mendoza, Les Freses, M de Alejandría and Bodega Teulada– and by musicians of different styles: the jazz of Enric Peidro and his quartet, the flamenco passion of Maria Sandoval, the tangos and the classical music of the guitarist Miquel Pérez and the country blues of Sara Gee & Ramblin Matt.

The cycle seeks with this formula to discover flavors and rhythms that are hidden in the interior of the Marina Alta, in its subtle landscapes of vineyards that contrast with the busy beaches, at the same time that it becomes a magnificent opportunity to get to know the hand of the winemakers the places where increasingly valued Mediterranean wines are produced.

This pairing can be enjoyed during eight summer evenings, from June 23 to August 11. Every Wednesday one of the wineries of the cycle will open its doors to 25 people, a limited group to maintain anticovid security. The sessions will begin with a tour of the facilities and the surroundings of the winery, you will be able to know their way of doing, the production processes, the personality of their wines … Once the guided visit, and already outside to enjoy the landscape and the best hours of the summer afternoon, the time will come to the tasting of the most emblematic wines of the host winery accompanied by delicious local tapas and live music. The proposal, which lasts three hours, requires soaking up the rhythm of the interior of the Marina, therefore both the wine and the concert They will be savored in a relaxed way, seated, keeping the due distances between groups, letting themselves be carried away by the themes that the musicians propose for each wine that is tasted and by a landscape that acts as a source of inspiration in an experience for the five senses.

The pairing: the wineries

The Strawberries

Bodega Les Freses is located in Poor jesus, in what was once a strawberry crop, next to the Montgó Natural Park, a few kilometers from the sea of ​​Denia, so depending on how the wind blows you can smell the salt in the air. There they grow varieties with different origins: in Les Freses they are firm defenders of the Moscatel de la Marina grape, producing excellent white wines; They also bet on the Giró and varieties for the production of sweet wine. They ferment their wines in their own stainless steel tanks, with their own yeasts, in demijohns or in clay amphoras, respecting traditional times and customs.

Mara Bathed, the promoter of this winery, is a firm defender of local traditions and bets on nearby suppliers: Montaverner bottles, cork from the Sierra d’Espadà, even renting the tractor from a neighboring company in Gata or using a bottling plant area mobile.

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Casa Agrícola Winery

Not far from there, in Llíber, the Casa Agrícola Winery is located where Pepe Mendoza offers its artisan wines. For this, it has a winery built in 1900 on an old riurau and with 12 hectares of Giró and Moscatel Romano vineyards that were planted between 1920 and 1970, they are grown organically, in dry land and on terraced terraces with centuries-old dry stone walls. legacy of ancient cultures, alive in your project. And it is that the passage of Romans and Arabs has left their mark on Alicante and has left us a legacy that lasts in the Marina Alta, despite the phylloxera in the 19th century.

In the words of Pepe Mendoza: “I am trapped by artisan wines made on a human scale, loaded with native varieties and cultivated in dry land. From now on I am going to put all my effort into Casa Agrícola and the wines with minimal intervention that need maximum attention “.

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M for Alexandria

M de Alejandría manages to combine tradition and innovation. In order to Cristina Rodriguez Vicente, promoter of the winery, “this project was born in Teulada Moraira inspired by acquaintances Ice Wine and with the expertise of Daniel Belda, Winemaker and Winemaker at Bodegas Belda ”.

La Alberca farm is located in an area very close to the coast. Its climate and proximity to the sea make this enclave a perfect place for growing the Muscat of Alexandria grape, which comes from Africa. This variety is cultivated in the Mediterranean, since the climate and the proximity to the sea gives such a characteristic flavor to this versatile grape, which is consumed as table grape, raisin or sweet white wine, distinguished by its fruity aroma , floral touches and a little acidity acquired by the way of preparation.

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Teulada winery

Very close to there we discover the Bodega Teulada or, as they like to present themselves, the union that produces good wines. The Bodega Teulada has 103 partners that produce sweet muscat, muscat vermouth, muscat needle, muscat cava and dry white muscat wine. The winery produces and makes its own wines, keeping track of the product from the vine to the bottle.

Founded in 1940, this winery is the continuation of the old agrarian organizations that emerged in Teulada at the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th to defend the interests of the farmers of the Teuladino countryside, an area whose traditional cultivation has been the vineyard (especially in the Muscat variety). In the beginning, the winery made the oil in its mills and the wine, produced by its partners and other producers. Currently, only products derived from the vineyard are made, especially muscat and red wine from other vine varieties.

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The pairing: the musicians

Miquel Pérez Perelló: classical guitar

Without a doubt, this Dianense instrumentalist and composer is one of the most outstanding Valencian guitarists of his generation. He has a versatile range and moves with mastery in both the cult and popular repertoire: classical music – either as a soloist or in prestigious chamber ensembles -, tango, bossanova, flamenco, signature song, music traditional Valencian … these are territories in which Miquel Pérez shows the rich nuances of his guitar.

He has recorded, in his own projects or with prominent singers or groups, already a score of albums, which has led him to perform in emblematic venues such as the “Fundación Juan March in Madrid, the Winterthur Auditorium in Barcelona or the Palau de la Música Valenciana . Abroad he has performed and toured in France, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Korea and China, where he gave several Masterclasses.

In “Vino y Música” he will offer a tango concert to Carlos Gardel and classical compositions by authors such as Francisco Tárrega, Fernando Sor, Falla and Albéniz.

Sara Gee & Ramblin Matt: Blues, Country, Rock’n’Roll

The influences of this Valencian duo based in Dénia are rich: from Hank Williams Sr’s Country & Western to Emmylou Harris or John Pryne, through the old Delta Blues, Muddy Waters, Big BiIl Broonzy, Memphis Minnie … With these references, they write their own songs, the lyrics and music are by Sara and the arrangements by Mateo. The taste for acoustic instruments and harmonizing guitars, dobro, open tunings, slide … are some of its identity traits.

“Goddamn Blues”, his new album, has confirmed Sara Gee & Ramblin Matt as one of the best national root American music groups.

Enric Peidro Quartet: Jazz

The Alcoyan saxophonist residing in Xàbia has a solid career that includes fifteen record records as a leader, more than thirty as “sideman”, tours and recordings with the outstanding international classical jazz musicians and performances in countless Spanish and European Jazz festivals.

Recognized by the public and critics as a tenor sax stylist, Enric Peidro has known how to stay true to his aesthetic codes, he has always moved within the parameters of the most classical jazz, committed to quality and talent, away from revivalist approaches . The “Wine and Music” cycle is an excellent opportunity to enjoy, in a privileged setting, the good know-how of Enric Peidro and the quartet of virtuosos that will accompany him. Notice for sailors, at the July 28 performance at Bodegas Teulada, Peidro and his band will be accompanied by a jazz reference, the American trombonist Dan Barret.

María Sandoval: Flamenco Fusion

María and her group are well known in the Marina Alta as they are regulars of the best entertainment venues in the area. His domination and passion turn his shows into a review of the history of Flamenco, masterfully interpreting from classic fandangos to more festive styles such as rumba and bulería, daring even with flamenco themes to the rhythm of pop, which makes his performances a travel through all the corners and times of Andalusia.

The ingredients with which they are presented in “Vino y Música” are powerful: the personality and portentous voice of María Sandoval, the intensity and rich registers of her faithful guitarist, to which are added the catchy rhythms of the percussion.

“Wine and Music”
-Information and reservations website:
-Information telephone: 66 74 27 005 (Spanish) and 695 13 43 45 (English)

-Duration of each session: 3 hours.
-Start time: 19 h.
-Price of each session: 49€

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