September 26, 2021

the Yuka application condemned in first instance against the federation of butchers

In the battle between the French Federation of Industrial Butchers and Caterers (FICT) to the nutritional information application Yuka, the first won a round: at the end of May, the Paris Commercial Court in fact condemned the first instance. application for “Acts of disparagement” and “Unfair and deceptive commercial practice”.

At issue: the link put in the application, when scanning deli meats containing nitrite additives, to a joint petition from the Foodwatch association, the League against cancer and Yuka, calling for these components to be banned. For the commercial court, the application, downloaded by fifteen million people in France, including six million regular users (who scan a product at least once a month), provides “Ambiguous information to consumers (…) forgetting in particular to mention the legal validation of the composition of products poorly rated by it “.

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The judge notes that the application has “An impact on customer behavior” and further notes that “The FICT has no way of responding on the application and (…) no way to defend his point of view and the products poorly rated by this application “. The court, in its decision of May 25, condemns Yuka to 20,000 euros in damages and orders the application to remove the link to his petition.

Processed meats

“We are surprised by this decision, which gives the feeling that the financial interests of the processed meats industry take precedence over the health of consumers, reacts Julie Chapon, co-founder of Yuka, all the more so as we have a great deal of scientific sources which show the deleterious role of nitrite additives. “

The application, which will appeal the decision, nevertheless notes with satisfaction that the FICT has been rejected of its request to modify the rating system for additives. For meme Chapon, it is a recognition by justice “That manufacturers do not have the right to interfere [sur notre système de notation], although we remain open to discussion about our application. “

If the carcinogenicity of nitrites as such is not established, that of nitrite deli meats is consensus

Nitrites, which give sausages their pink color and extend their shelf life, are commonly used in processed meats (raw and cooked hams, sausages, etc.). However, scientific research has shown that the consumption of processed meats was associated with an increased risk of certain diseases, in particular colorectal cancer.

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