August 1, 2021

oil slicks continue to move away from the coast

“The pollution was located this morning about ten kilometers from the coast, further south, north of the Gulf of Porto-Vecchio”, declared the captain of frigate Christine Ribbe, spokesperson for the maritime prefecture of the Mediterranean, based in Toulon, specifying that the pollution continued “Currently to move away”.

Since sunrise, maritime resources have been deployed again to continue the recovery of hydrocarbons. Between three and four tonnes were recovered on Saturday, she said.

Helicopters and planes were also dispatched to follow the evolution of the situation, identify and locate the slicks and readjust the device, added Captain Ribbe, specifying that the pollution was very fragmented and required to go and fish it out. ” pretty much everywhere “.

Investigation opened by the Marseille prosecutor’s office

Aléria beach is subject to a bathing ban because of the maritime pollution that threatened it on June 12, 2021.

“One part emulsifies, another sinks and another is diluted, all of which means that we see much less of it on the water. We therefore continue to work, but we are much more confident today, while remaining cautious and vigilant ”, summarized Captain Ribbe.

The presence of heavy hydrocarbons, the dissolution of which is difficult, and the extent of the two oil slicks had prompted the authorities to launch, on Saturday, a coastal protection plan with action on the coasts which remains maintained.

Spotted Friday during a military air exercise off Solenzara, in eastern Corsica, this oil pollution, probably due to the illegal degassing of a ship, arrived very quickly on Saturday up to 800 meters from the coast before to walk away.

An investigation was opened by the Marseille prosecutor’s office, responsible for maritime pollution cases on the French Mediterranean coast. It was entrusted to the maritime gendarmerie, which will have to try in particular to find the boat at the origin of the wild degassing. At this stage, three ships present in an enlarged area around the pollution will be subject to checks, assured Colonel Jean-Guillaume Remy, commander of the Mediterranean group.

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