For hundreds of years, the zodiac has been a powerful tool to delve into who we are as people, what’s going to happen and how we all fit together in love. Superstition might be an easy way to write this off. Still, millions worldwide have consulted their stars before checking in on their horoscopes, poring over their astrological birth charts for answers.

Psychological meaning

Though its roots lie in ancient superstitious beliefs about the celestial bodies’ influence, contemporary astrology tends toward the psychological.   One of these psychological pillars in the study of the Zodiac is the nativity, or natal chart, often referred to as a horoscope. Astrologers analyze these cards to understand the individual’s potential strengths, limitations, and destiny path.

It can also be viewed as an instrument to assist people on their self-discovery journey, to delve within and realize their hidden capabilities. It provides a language to describe and articulate various facets of personality, enabling individuals to appreciate their differences.

znamení zvěrokruhu

Relationships and compatibility

One of the most common applications of astrology is to determine the compatibility of two individuals. Astrology can guide in areas ranging from love and friendship to work relationships. Practitioners believe the positions of celestial bodies at an individual’s birth can affect compatibility in relationships.

Every znamení zvěrokruhu has its own set of character attributes. For instance, Taurus is usually seen as a very grounded and dependable guy, and Sagittarius is considered adventurous. Per the astrologers’ beliefs, some signs are more suited to one another based on traits commonality and complementary nature. For instance, it is said that watery sun signs (Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces) will be emotionally compatible with each other, while fiery sun signs (Aries, Leo and Sagittarius) share a dynamic and passionate nature.

Psychological meaning

However, while astrology has some insight into compatibility, we must respect the other elements. People are multifaceted creatures, and inter-individual variation is crucial to any relationship’s functioning. Astrology is meant to serve as a means for understanding yourself, connecting with loved ones, and communicating rather than being an ironclad predictor of compatibility.

Personal growth and guidance

Astrology is a guide and pushes many people, too. Astrology horoscopes, the prediction of events in people’s lives from their zodiac signs, are popular features of newspapers, magazines and online portals. Horoscopes, once read and felt as something familiar, may motivate an individual to act, move on and progress.


The meaning of the zodiac signs is multi-layered as it has its roots deep within the culture of mankind.